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  1. Poker Table

    This was the first poker table that I built for some friends and you can't see it in the pictures but it has fold up legs underneath it so that it looks like a solid table with no crease down the middle but folds up to be around 8" thick. Even though it is 5' tall you can roll it into just about...
  2. The 43,568th Roubo Workbench here on Lumberjocks

    If I received a dollar for every mistake I made with this workbench, I would have enough money to pay Christopher Schwartz, Norm Abrams, David Marks and Roy Underhill to make a work bench for me to choose from :) Of course, no one really pays you for your mistakes, so read on ….. The workbench...
  3. Blogs
    Really excited to be here! I'm going to have to get used to LJ not meaning "LiveJournal," as it has for me these last 5 years. Interestingly, it's the evaporation of all my friends' comments on my other LJ that has me so excited to find this place. I think they're past their limit on hearing...
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Listen to this Kid! Learn to be Happy! He's really COOL… and his ideas, when you really think about it, really have some serious content. Take a break… Listen & watch his presentation... You will be Happy you did.
1-4 of 4 Results