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  1. Hap Arnold Wings

    A set of Hap Arnold wings I made during my most recent deployment to Afghanistan, for our short lived C-27 unit schlepping the army around the country. Made with/from: 1) Spray paint given to me by the ammo dump guys in exchange for some movies 2) A jigsaw borrowed for a few weeks from the...
  2. USAF Intel Shield Shadow Box with Hap Arnold Wings

    Similar to my EOD boxes, this variant used an Intel badge for the top and added a set of Hap Arnold Wings to the bottom. Things came together well despite the small pieces involved. Burning was completed by hand. The case is walnut but was delivered with a clear finish without any stain.
  3. Hap Arnold Wings Shadowbox

    By request I went Old School with this display. The original Air Force Symbol Hap Arnold Wings. This display is built in the Intarsia art form I enjoy, every piece is cut out and put together like a puzzle to create the image you see. It's hard to read the ruler on top but the wing tips are...
  4. Blogs
    Master Pilot Wings Shadowbox A new request came to me from a member of the Pentagon to build a retirement shadowbox from the image of the Master Pilot functional badge. So here goes…
1-4 of 4 Results