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  1. key hanger

    Made from white oak with a poly finish Made for a fellow rider
  2. Laundry Hanger

    Here's a quick little laundry hanger I made for my wife. I guess the cool thing is when it's not in use it can be knocked down to make more room for my tools:) It's nothing special but maybe a good beginner project that some of you could use and what a great way to use up some of that scrap...
  3. Light Clothes Hanger

    Light Clothes Hanger A few months ago, the girlfriend of my friend wanted a clothes hanger light enough to move around but long enough to hold plenty. She did not wanted me to put any finish as she was going to do it herself…!!! So I design and put together this clothes mobile hanger from some...
  4. Flip Down Coat Rack / Cable Storage

    Just a simple, flip down rack for coats or what have you's, like cables and such. The ones shown in the picture will, probably, get buried in the shop door so that only about half of them show. They will be secured from the opposite side of the door. For directions on making your own...
  5. Compression Quilt Hanger

    Custom made this quilt hanger for a customer. 48 inches long out of red oak. Fun!
  6. Suit Stand Bedroom Hanger

    Suit Stand Bedroom Hanger This was a parallel project with the big unit I'm making for the same friend. I design this hanger to be practical, sturdy and balanced. It has some good features like the standard coat/shirt hanger that sits on two aluminum dowels to give it that extra industrial...
  7. Guitar Hangers

    My son wanted a wall hanger for one of his guitars because the floor stand was taking up a lot of space in his small room. I looked online for some options and finally decided to just make one. I glued up some scraps of Mahogany (center strip), Maple, and Cherry (outside strips). I basically...
  8. Fold Up / Down Hanger

    As, hopefully, can be seen in the pictures, these are individual racks that fold down for use and up out of the way when not in use. These can be made to hold heavy cords and cables, or just for coats and clothing. You can adjust the size to accommodate the use to which you put them. Just...
  9. Coat Hanger Unit with Storage Chest and Mirror

    Coat Hanger Unit with Storage Chest and Mirror I design and build this Corner Coat Hanger Unit to fit at a 40 degree angle corner area. The unit has a lower storage chest, a mirror and a decorative crown top. The design had to take in account the wall skirting so that the unit fit straight up...
  10. Coat Hanger

    This is a double hook coat hanger that I made for my shop to hold my shop jacket and dog leash. Its a Northern Red Oak leaf on Red Oak.
  11. Wall Coat Hanger

    Wall Coat Hanger Right now I am building big hanger unit with a chest, but until that is done I will post some other hangers I did in the past. This wall coat hanger I made some time ago. I liked the idea that it can be fitted behind a door with dowel pivoting wooden blocks. So I make one...
  12. Quilt hanger

    Another request by my mom to showcase one of her quilts. I really liked this quilt when she showed it to me and was happy to make something to display it for her. Pretty simple design, two boards sandwich the quilt and are mounted to a third board that gets mounted on the wall. That board...
  13. Coat hanger

    Made out of pine, doors are stained to walnut color, and finished with lacquer hope you like it :)
  14. Plant Hangers

    These plant hangers make great giveaways…especially during Spring season. I copied this pattern from my neighbors plant hanger and made a couple of spare templates from 1/4" hardboard. Now their a snap to make. They hold 4 6" clay pots perfectly.
  15. Paint Brush Rack

    Hello Everyone, its been awhile since my last project was posted Since my shop is small (16' x16' Garage ) Space is important. So I came up with this little idea that has worked well for me and I thought I should use this item to jump back into the lumberjocks community. I cut the plastic...
  16. Entry Way Coat Rack and Shelf

    Made this coat rack for my entry way over the course of the last few weekends. The big disaster on this project was deciding to do the glueup at 4 AM after working most of the night. I wasn't prepared at all, ran out of Titebond in the glue bottle and substituted Gorilla glue… Also glued up...
  17. Skateboard hangers

    Ok the kids had a request for a hanger for their skateboards so I looked online and didn't like anything I found so I came up with this. The stuff you can buy all lacked any support for the bottom wheels or it mounted the board in slots which neither the kids nor myself like. The hardware is...
  18. branch hangers

    great in the kitchen for hanging aprons, tying off fresh cut sunflower heads to dry, in the pantry to hang onions, taters, a bag of shopping bags. you get the picture. i use a table saw to cut the back flush, band saw to round the top and bottom.
  19. Jewelry Rack

    Tried to cover all bases with this one, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, chains, and three shelves for small boxes or items. All Spanish cedar, the heart design is lapizlazuli inlaid into the carved shape. Quite popular so far, we´ll see….
  20. Simple Postcard Display Frame

    On a recent trip to New York City, my wife and I visited the Nicholas Roerich Museum and brought home a set of postcards of his paintings. We wanted to display three of them on a wall, so we bought one of those three-in-one frames. The postcards didn't look as good as we expected in that frame...
1-20 of 66 Results