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    STANLEY BAILEY No7C Jointer Plane. Great shape for age, 1910 patent date, sound castings, no cracks. Hock Tools blade and chip breaker near new (Bench Plane Blades and Breakers), corrugated sole as seen at the pictures, partial decal on Rosewood tote. I got three jointers, time to let this one go!
    $130 USD
  2. Drill press table

    I made a drill press table using 2 pcs. of 1/2" plywood scrap, t track, and a rockler router fence I got for ten dollars. It is 19" X 31 1/2".
  3. Superman shelf

    Step by step video how I made shelf like this.
  4. Plane Till

    I finally did a little bit of work to my plane till. It used to house my water sharpening system, but now I have too many hand planes, so I rearranged it a bit. It's no Studley tool chest, but it's a start. At least my #8 has a home now.
  5. more saws and a smoother

    As you can see from the pics I have been pretty busy lately. A few of these saws went to LJ's and a few are for me ;) From first to last the handles are sapele, bubinga, padauk, and sapele again. I've been working hard to develop my handle templates and improve my quality and speed of...
  6. Adirondack Double Settee

    This is my version of the deck settee for two from the WOOD magazine book "35 Great Outdoor Projects". The wood is larch (from the lumbermill near where I live in Bavaria, Germany). Sizing of the rough sawn lumber is done by handtools, only curves are prepared by a power jigsaw and finished with...
  7. Zebrawood Hand-Plane for box/drawer making

    While I was in Montana, building the Shaker Style Bench with Todd Clippinger, I used a small wooden plane that someone made for Todd to clean up the dovetails on the drawers/boxes. This plane felt just like my general purpose plane, the first plane I ever made, only its smaller size made it...
  8. Traditional Oilstone Holder

    I decided to make a traditional holder for my Norton medium India stone (8"x2"x1") after watching Bill Carter talking about oilstones on YouTube. After searching the internet for other examples, I merged all the elements that I liked into my design. It features a pitched roof, opposing chamfers...
  9. My first "Re-claimed Pallet, Coffee Table"

    Although I have a bunch of leftover slats, it still took three pallets to make this. I am really happy with it and it is going to be my first piece too be sold in a legit furniture showroom. I'm getting stoked seeing what I can make with just a few hand tools in my apartment.
  10. tall vase

    Haven't done much turning lately, but did get this done recently. 15" tall. Turned, cut with bandsaw, and sides flattened with a handplane. Nice change that it is not all round! :-) Hope ya'll like the color, in real life it is vibrant & stunning. Happy 4th all.
  11. Yer' Basic Shooting (Chuting) Board

    On Sunday's I work over at the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild shop, mostly on the handtool collection. Fettling, sharpening, etc. But I've also been building some of the basic shop appliances. So far I've make a couple bench-hooks, a pair of winding sticks and a carving jack for the other shop...
  12. Hand Plane Till

    Just recently finished my first workbench and figured I needed to make a till for my hand planes. Made of 1/2" and 3/4" baltic birch with 1/8" maple trim. I intentionally left plenty of room for future hand planes that I will undoubtedly need soon.
  13. Figured cherry keepsake box

    Hey guys sorry i haven't put up a big project since the gun case but here it is my second keepsake / jewelry box which I have lovingly nicknamed the OH @#%&!!!!!!!! Box. :-) This like a lot of my projects are experimental in how far i can push my self which usually ends up in failure and a lot...
  14. Lincoln Desk Refurb*

    SPECS Timeframe: April / May 2013 Wood Used: Reclaimed Vintage Walnut Table, Scrap Poplar Galoot Index: Pretty strong because I carved a foot. :-) I'd guess 8 on a 10 point scale. Heavy rasp and file use, hand-cut tenons, mortices cleared by hand. Top of desk smoothed with #164, #4 1/2 and #2...
  15. Mud Room Locker cabinet

    My wife found a similar picture on Pinterest and asked me to build one to help organize our backpacks, school lunch boxes, and gym bags. Pretty simple to make, using cabinet grade plywood with pine face frame. Then finishing it with cabinet paint (gray & white). My one big mess up is the size...
  16. Cowardly Panel Plane

    What else do you call a plane that's yellow? Second iteration of a 12 inch panel plane in my signature style. Laminated Osage Orange body with a curly ambrosia maple tote. As with my other planes, the sole, rods and cap are all stainless steel. Several updates/changes to this one. I've...
  17. Bog-wood?

    Ever worked with bog-wood? Please continue reading to find out my thoughts. I've got a commission to make a knife, including a leather sheath to go with it. The client asked if I would mind using a piece of Swedish bog-wood for the handle that he had treated with PEG (polyethylene glycol) for...
  18. Smoothing plane

    Smoothing #4 plane I made as a gift for another woodworker.
  19. #5 Handplane-Jack Mash

    Western/Eastern handplane fusion. Front/handle inspired by Chinese designs, back is western. Sole is tigerwood, body is black limba and handle is padauk with black grain filler. Norris adjuster, blade PM-VII. Cuts amazing. Gift for fellow woodworker.
1-20 of 186 Results