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  1. William & Mary period bookstand reproduction

    I made this, and a second, bookstand as Christmas gifts for my mother and sister. The plans are from Popular Woodworking, I think the Oct. 2010 issue. The only variation from the original plans is that, since I don't have a lathe, instead of turning the feet I used drawer knobs that I...
  2. New shop clock

    This is my new shop clock. It replaced a small and annoyingly loud plastic one. Not knocking the "go to" standard shop clock (the ten inch saw blade clock) I settled on this idea. The piece is larger than it may appear in the picture. In fact that's why I placed a 10" blade was to help provide...
  3. Soft Dovetail Box

    Number 16 in my 2019 Box Build. This started out as a regular handcut dovetail box made of pine and cedar. I have been wanting to shape the boxes lately, to add some curves to the straight sides and surfaces. I did this using mostly a few rasps including a very inexpensive "hand stitched"...
  4. First Hand Cut dovetail project

    Only one picture at this point, but my first hand cut dovetail project. Not great but much better than I expected! The combination of spalted pine and red oak from some hand-planed pallet wood made for a nice contrast. It fits in my tool well on the bench to hold my marking tools.
  5. Hand Tools
    I am making a cutting board using nicely figured 6/4 walnut, entirely with hand tools. This will be a face grain cutting board to show the figure rather than an end grain board. I would like to cut a finger groove in the ends, but I don't have a power router. What is the best technique to...
  6. Blogs
    A last minute gift - dovetail box I realised my last couple of posts were actually woodwork projects rather than workshop projects so I've started a new series. Anyway onto the actual post. In the run up to Christmas 2015 I realised I didn't have much for my dad (a print out of a voucher...
1-6 of 6 Results