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  1. Projects Hand carved horse plaque

    I recently carved this horse head on a horse shoe as a gift to celebrate a big birthday. I had always wanted to try to carve one of these and just loved the finished item, I really wish I could have kept it. It's carved from 2 bits of pine that I had to glue together to get the size I wanted...
  2. General Woodworking Discussions
    I am attempting to make my first axe handle. The axe head I have is tapered from the back at 7/8in to 0.34in in the eye. The handle that was previously on it was 36 in long. I’m looking for pictures and advice on how to made an axe handle. It’s all greatly appreciated.
  3. will the real Wizzardofwood please stand up

    This was carved by me at age 11 it has long since inspired me to move on to better things but it is also my company LOGO and the real wizzardofwood
  4. Custom Walking Cane Handcarved African Safari Elephant Hunter Theme Ivory Wart Hog Blackwood Buffalo

    This was a commissioned walking cane with an African Safari Hunter's Theme, featuring a carved and painted Elephant's head, using real Ivory for the tusks, and African wart hog tusks and water buffalo horn for the handle. If you would like something similar, you can contact me by email...
  5. new KOI 10 ft

    this was a 10 ft 4 0inch dia log I wanted to capture the feel of my old koi carving in a larger size so off to work I went turned out to be fun and enjoyable hope you all like the outcome Wizz
  6. Roger, the Butcher Bird

    Meet Roger, he is a juvenile Butcherbird so his colouring is different and mottled from the adult bird, which is black and white. He is approximately 17cm long as he has a long tail. He has been carved from pine, painted with acrylic gouache and sealed with a white wax. Then mounted on a natural...
  7. 5 carved Australian birds

    These are the 5 birds that I have carved recently. They ate all hand carved and painted to replicate the real life so a lot of the time the paint is mixed to get the right colouring. Once I get the right template that carving is just a matter if looking carefully at the individual bird and...
  8. 3 carved owls

    Three Hand carved owls. Carved from pine and making the feathers stand out a little more than I normally would do them. The customer didn't want them painted but didn't like the yellow of the pine when sealed. So I stained the wings and gave a light cream wash over the front of the body. A grey...
  9. Arctic Seal

    Yesterday, was such a beautiful warm Spring day that I took a break from my 2.5 year long house renovation to sit in the sun and just relax and do nothing. As is my nature, doing nothing is a hard 'row to hoe'. I saw a small chunk of birch lying nearby (from cutting the tree down last month) and...
  10. Custom Walking Cane, Carved & Painted Flames, Motorcycle Rider, Biker Theme Cane

    ------------------------------------------- This walking cane is a one-of-kind Iconic Pop-Art piece. The copyright is to protect my design, and the photos ------------------------------------------- Welcome Web Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go...
  11. Live edge cherry spatula

    So heres a cool little creation.. I made a cherry spatula, split from a log using a froe, shaped with an axe, then a drawknife. But I left a bit of the live edge on. Finished with a butchers block wax. What do you think?
  12. Viking Kate

    This one is a replica of a viking dragon (carved in the urnes style)
  13. Gift Box, red oak, handcarved

    Ah my second 'furniture' piece and most recent. Soon after completing the blanket chest for my son, our good neighbor announced she was moving back home to Pittsburgh. She is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins and St Louis Blues hockey fanatic and loves hot air balloons. We live in a suburb of St Louis...
  14. The Kitchen at 404 Blackaby Street, The Panels, Part 2

    Of course, our kitchen had to include handcarved leather panels on the doors. That's what I do. The process is as follows; 8 oz. leather is glued to Baltic Birch panels. This prevents the leather from stretching while I carve it and provides support when in place. I use Baltic because it doesn't...
  15. Joinery
    I'm repairing a spindle back chair with a bentwood outer rail. The spindles are ok, but when the chair failed, the tenons on the bottoms of the bentwood rail that fit into mortises (drilled holes) in the chair seat were both broken off. While there might be better ways to make the repair, I've...
  16. Finishing
    first of all, let me say, I am a purist and really enjoy the beautiful natural characteristics of wood. but - 90% (or more) of the time, my projects are required to be painted, gilded or cast into metal. when I show this "painted" work in different forums, the painted carvings are frowned upon...
1-16 of 16 Results