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  1. Purpleheart, Roller blades, Dog Toy Oh My!

    I've been wanting an inertia sander for a while, so yesterday I decided to make this! I used left over Rollerblade parts from my steady rest, an old buffing pad I cut down, purple heart scraps, and one of the dogs old dense foam balls. Just being cut it will continue to become bright purple the...
  2. Stationary Organizer

    I am posting this to show what can be made with minimal tools. I made this Stationary organizer about 20 years ago. The tools used would be limited to a drill, jigsaw and hand saw plus a hand sander. Nothing flash but it serves a purpose. .
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories I don't know if that link will pull up, but did you guys see the FESTOOL Sales on their new release sanders? My local Woodwerks Store is doing pre-orders with no limit right now. When is Festool ever on sale? Let me...
1-4 of 4 Results