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  1. The New Zebra Wood Lap Cajon Drum that I just completed

    This was a fun one to build. Love the sound and how the grain all lined up. The main body is Zebra with a maple sound board and a myrtle sound hole rim. Going to a show this weekend in Seattle. Hope to sell it. www.Z-Stik.Com
  2. Walnut Lap Cajon Hand Drum just completed

    I love the fiddle Back walnut on this one. the sound board is Purple heart with a redwood burl sound hole rim. I love building this. You can hear what the Lap Cajon sound like on my website. enjoy!
  3. New Fun Creation! I dont know what to call it Contest. Hand drum.

    This is I think the worlds smallest electric hand drum. 3" diameter but yet it can fill a 60,000 person stadium if you have the right system. It is a shaker, hand or foot drum. Fun Fun Fun! Here is what I am doing this weekend with this. I am headed to the Christian Musicians Summet and do not...
  4. Z-Stik Percussions Acoustic/Electric Lap Cajon

    This is one more Lap Cajon made out of Myrtle wood with a redwood sound board. You can check out the video from the Summer NAMM show that I just got back from. Overwhelming response. here is the Youtube link! Please share this and help me get the word out.
  5. First of its kind Acoustic/Electric Lap Cajon Rocket Drum

    Hey everyone, Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I am just coming out of the fog of business. I have been building Z-stiks and now lap cajons. This is a custom drum for Walter Rodriguez who is a world renowned percussionist. Steve Wonder has a Z-stik in is studio right now recording...
  6. New Z-Stiks Completed!

    Working with wood is so fun! Some of these are finished with Lacquer and others a 2 part Auto clear coat paint. I do like how they turned out. We are discovering how the different woods give different tones. So far my favorate tone is Myrtle wood and my favorate look is Spalted Maple burl. To...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a project to do for work and I am planning to use small 1/4" dia 1/8" thick rare earth magnets or neodymium magnets. I need a lot of them, 192 to be exact. I would appreciate any suggestions for a reasonable priced source. I am afraid rockler and woodcraft will be too expensive.
1-7 of 7 Results