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  1. Projects Hand-Cranked Marble Pump with Divider, Dumper, 3 bowls, and a ramp

    Haven't posted since last winter, so took me a while to figure out this web page :) For more details, see my woodworking site using this link. I made a YouTube video of the model in action. You can use this link to see the video.
  2. Hand-Cranked 1" Marble Dispenser Wood Model

    Several years ago, I made a marble dispenser that used the smaller 5/8" size marbles. Both kids and adults love to play with it… is like an old-fashioned gumball machine. I decided to make a new model using the larger 1" diameter marbles, and modify the design so the user can see...
  3. Figured out how to draw Worm Gear in Sketchup

    I originally posted this completed project on this web site back in 2013 and this is a link to that posting. Back then, I was relatively knew to using Sketchup, and I did not know how to draw the worm gear. I was able to make the gear using this basic process: -at every 90 degrees around the...
  4. Hand-Cranked Wood Chain Model

    I always wanted to try making a chain drive from wood, and I saw a model in the book shown. The book had the hand-cranked model in a vertical gear configuration….......I changed this to a horizonal gear set-up. Every project has a few key things which must be right. In this project, I think...
1-4 of 4 Results