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  1. Projects Axe handle fitting

    I will buying an axe handle for my true temper wood slasher axe head. The handle is oversized for tighter fit inside the eye. Axe head eye dimensions are 7/8 tapered to 5/16 with 3 ridges and 2 1/2 inches long. Will post pictures after I complete the handle to fit.
  2. White Tulipwood Ring with Spalted Maple Lining

    I received some veneer samples recently, and among a lot of pretty sheets was this one white tulipwood. I'm 90% sure that dye has been used here but it looks so natural and the white-on-white figuring has transitions that resemble a light bronze metal. I couldn't be happier with the finished...
  3. Hand Joinery Bedside Table

    Quarter-sawn Mahogany, 2010 "Hand Joinery Bedside Table" was my first project completed at Rochester Institute of Technology. The requirements for this piece was to use all hand tools to make a small table, using only the bandsaw to rough out general shapes, every finished surface and all...
  4. Fully Hand-worked Sofa Table

    Hi, Every woodworker. It past 1 year since my last posting. Long time, no see. I made this without any electric power, just as a trial for myslef. and I'm so happy and proud of me that I could do it. I posted the whole procedures at my english blog. ( ) and...
  5. Rosewood T style guitar

    This is actually 4 pieces of rosewood with a maple center. Solid one piece rosewood neck
  6. Commissioning pennant shadowbox display

    A commissioning penant is often given to a Naval Commanding Officer from the Chiefs' mess or the wardroom to signify they held Command of a wartime ship, squadron or submarine. This project was done at the request of my Chiefs' mess for my outgoing CO or "Skipper". I compared some ideas online...
  7. New Knives for 2015

    I have not shown wooden collectible knives for a while now. These are the first four for the 2015 season. For the new folks here this is my most favorite item to make. The first is a doctor knife which I gave one like to my favorite doctor. The next is for our hair dresser. The third is for John...
  8. The Grinch with Doggie & Cindy Lou Who

    Check it out. So nice, someone is going to be happy with this Christmas Decoration. Steps in Creating this item. 1. 1/2 Sanded Plywood 4ft x 4 ft 2. Hand Drawn no computers here, total art work. 3. Jig Saw goes to work. 4. Sander goes to work along with my Dremel. 5. Paint the back of the...

    Since my first posting finally got added i'm going to add some of my other projects. My wife loves southwestern collectables so i made this for her.
  10. Cherry Hall Table

    I built this table in the summer (2011) modeled after the liquor cabinet. Book matched cherry for the floating top as before, and cambered faces on the legs. November 12, 2011 this table took 2nd place in furniture at the Long Island Woodworkers 16th annual Wood Show
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    Anyone want to unload their dowelmax or comparable jig? I would pick it up.
  12. Hand Tools
    Many of you have probably seen this video from Lie-Nielsen. I found it life enriching, even if only for a few moments. I have often thought to myself that their tools are too pricey. After watching, I don't think I can afford to not purchase a couple. The final shot is particularly moving. I...
1-12 of 12 Results