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  1. Simple DIY Pallet Tombstones

    I made 3 pallet Tombstones, to go with my skeletons and Wooden Coffin. These are easy to make with limited tools. I used a couple of wide pallet boards, cut them off about 15" long. Then I found some scrap pieces, to nail them together. Took a old 5 gallon bucket, used it to trace the round top...
  2. Tombstone prop

    A friend of mine wanted a tombstone for his Halloween display so I built this for him, it's 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide.
  3. Boo!

    This is a little pumpkin head carving, 6 inches tall, carved from basswood. I used a Mitch Cartledge rough out I picked up at RWR last month.
  4. Han Solo Blaster

    My girlfriend went as Han Solo for Halloween this year so naturally I had to make her the blaster. I started by finding a design I liked online and imported the image into SolidWorks. I scaled it to a size I thought appropriate and from there created all the separate parts and made the assembly...
  5. Make a Skeleton for Halloween Decoration

    I made these last year to go with my Pallet Coffin. I made the first one out of pallet boards, then made 3 more, using some scrap 3/8" plywood, they worked better. Used some 7" long Gutter nails and a couple of Staples that I bought to hold them into the ground. Then I painted them with some...
  6. Ebony handle for "Light Sabre"

    I've carved an Ebony handled, 2 handed, Light Sabre prop for Halloween. I have machined an aluminum shaft to house an clear acrylic rod with a pocket milled in it to embed a LED flashlight 'Beam'. This can be seen in the Prototype photo. I then bored the Ebony to fit around the aluminum hilt...
  7. Hell's Gate and the Haunted Halloween Korn Maze

    2013 - Halloween morning, . The fog was spooky and dead quiet. . . . . Welcome to my Halloween Nightmare! . Ghosts and Ghouls and spooky things spiders and snakes and things with wings Come this way and I'll give you a show Will you come out? ... one way to know! Go through Hells Gate and...
  8. Candy coffin

    I'm not early, I'm late. I wanted to do this last Halloween and it didn't happen. I wasn't going for fine joinery and finish, more like creepy primitive. Built to last a lifetime. Made from one 2×4 x 8. 18" long x 10" wide x 5" deep. Acrylic paints.
  9. Halloween skeletons

    This project started out with a childhood memory of a cardboard skeleton that my Mom used to put up every Halloween. The limbs could be moved to make different positions. It was simple but it was there every Halloween. I could not find anything like it so decided to recreate it. The first...
  10. Halloween Trick or Treat Children

    This is a set of four children, out trick-or-treating on Halloween. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylics, they are four inches tall. Claude
  11. Indian Blanket

    This one came straight from Malcolm Tibbet's book on segmented turning. I wanted to try the techinque. My version is made of cherry, bloodwood, maple, and ebonized walnut.
  12. Halloween Black Cat

    This week, with Halloween just around the corner. I wanted to make a simple DIY project. With me being a cat person, I had to make a Black cat decoration. I made the cat out of some old pallet boards glued up, but you could use plywood. Drew out a pattern and cut it out with a Jigsaw. Added some...
  13. The Walking Dead Zombie - Scrollsaw Project

    I made this ScrollSaw Picture as part of the #teamscrollsaw vs #teamrouter contest We hosted on the Makers International Podcast for Halloween., there is a video on my YouTucbe channel of how i made it, click here if you wish to view it, Thanks
  14. Pallet Pumpkin ( Halloween )

    Hey all! I got my first router this weekend, A 1.25 HP Dewalt and i'm loving it! Now that September is here I wanted to start making some decorations for Halloween and decided to start with something simple. I also got some drum sander attachments for my drill press as well as new scroll saw...
  15. Halloween Spooky House

    This week I made a Halloween project on the CNC. Found a picture of a Spooky house on the internet, imported it into Vectric Aspire and done a trace on it, which turn it into vectors. Done a few adjustments to the vectors, added some text. With a pocket toolpath, I carved a piece of Cabinet...
  16. Halloween Decorations

    These are some Candy corn decos my wife wanted. They are made from 3/4" plywood and hand painted. They are 18" tall by 12" wide.
  17. Pallet Pumpkin

    This pallet wood pumpkin project was so easy to do from start to finish. It started with the last pallet wood I had disassembled last year. Then I scavenged from the kids craft paint stash. Some dry brushing the paint on and swiping it off and it was done in time for the little trick or...
  18. DIY Halloween Mummy

    Well I just love Halloween, and I am always making something for the holiday. This year, i made a wooden Mummy, I used some left over pieces of 3/8" thick plywood. I just drew an outline of a Mummy, cut it out with my Jigsaw. Ripped some strips about 1 1/4" wide for the bandages. Applied some...
  19. Skeleton candy dispenser

    This is a candy dispenser I made this weekend ( I got the idea from Steve ramsey ( wwmm) )
1-20 of 93 Results