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  1. Simple DIY Pallet Tombstones

    I made 3 pallet Tombstones, to go with my skeletons and Wooden Coffin. These are easy to make with limited tools. I used a couple of wide pallet boards, cut them off about 15" long. Then I found some scrap pieces, to nail them together. Took a old 5 gallon bucket, used it to trace the round top...
  2. Make a Skeleton for Halloween Decoration

    I made these last year to go with my Pallet Coffin. I made the first one out of pallet boards, then made 3 more, using some scrap 3/8" plywood, they worked better. Used some 7" long Gutter nails and a couple of Staples that I bought to hold them into the ground. Then I painted them with some...
  3. Rattlin' Bones

    Well, I made a bunch of these so I figured I might as well enter them in the challenge. Cut from Birch ply and either left natural or painted with acrylic. Final finish of clear acrylic.
  4. Wooden Coffin made of pallets

    This is a Wooden Coffin or Casket I made for Halloween decoration last year. It is made from Pallets. This is a easy project to make for decoration. It doesn't have to be perfect, and the pallet boards don't either. If you want to see a step by step instructions, watch my video here on Youtube...
1-4 of 4 Results