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  1. sculpted rocker in spectacular bastogne walnut

    I apologize for the picture quality. They really don't do this walnut justice . The chair was made from three sequential bastogne walnut slabs. I'm super happy with how it came out. A big thank you to Hal Taylor and ofcourse Sam Maloof.
  2. Oak and walnut Hal Taylor rocker

    Here's my oak Hal Taylor rocker with walnut accent. I'm sure there are plenty of these on the site so I won't bore you all with details of the build, unless asked :). A couple things I did differently are the screw plugs, which were not done in a contrasting wood, and the finish I chose. Hal...
  3. Walnut and Zebrawood Maloof inspired Hal Taylor rocking chair

    This sculpted rocking chair is built from 2'' Canadian Black Walnut accented with Ebony plugs. This is a medium version ( 5' 7'' - 5' 11'' ). This chair has 2 unique features that make it stand out even next to one of our other rocking chairs. First the leg/headrest design borrows more form...
  4. Lowes 2X4 Rocking Chair

    This is a rocking chair I made recently from 2X4s, off the rack from Lowes. I had been thinking about doing this for years and finally one day decided it was now or never. It was a challenge. The wood had to be reinforced and it was not sufficiently dry for furniture so it all had to go in the...
  5. Large English Walnut Rocking Chair

    This is a large English walnut rocking chair I made a while back. It is for sale. The wood came from near Leesburg, VA and as I was shaping the back leg top a bullet was revealed. It remains a part of the headrest.
  6. Claro Walnut and Bubinga Rocking Chair

    Latest two rocking chairs--- A waterfall bubinga rocker for Colorado and a Claro walnut rocker for Arkansas. The claro came from Skipper at Goodhope Hardwoods
  7. Bubinga rocking chair

    This is a waterfall bubinga rocking chair I just finished for Gary in NC. Waiting on box to ship it.
  8. English Walnut Rocking Chair

    This is an English walnut rocking chair I recently completed for Kyle. It took a week to figure out how I was going to use the wood and then a week taking the wood apart and putting it back together to get the boards I wanted then two weeks to complete the chair. It was a lot of fun.
  9. Mother's Day Rocking Chair

    My first-born son was due on 5/22/14. So in Sept of '13, when i first learned we were expecting, i started this rocking chair project with hopes that i would finish before he was born. Luck being what it is, the baby came almost 2 weeks early (on 5/11) and so the chair wasn't finished until he...
  10. Birdseye Maple Rocker Complete

    This project is a very special one for me and today was a momentous day for me when I put the first coat of finish on it. This is a Christmas present for my Dad and uses wood we collected from the land around his childhood home. We visited a small mill in the woods owned by a friend of my...
  11. Walnut sculpted rocker

    Hal Taylor design, made from walnut with ash lams and wedges in the back braces, and ebony plugs. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hal Taylor inspired rocking chair in walnut

    Made a rocker for my mom. I started it a year ago butI took a long break. Used Deftoil for the finish. Haven't waxed it yet.
  13. Lacewood rocking chair

    I already have this chair in my projects, but I did't have totally finished pictures yet. So here they are finished pictures setup in my "studio " lol Customer picked up his chair last week and was very happy, I think he strapped the chair down better then his own kid, J/k kid was safe of course.
  14. Rocking chair status

    I'm building a small and medium rocking chair (a la Hal Taylor) This shows the progress of layout, grinding, and sanding the seat. All the parts are in the building process. The rockers are laminated for both chairs, the back brace laminations have been cut and await gluing, the front and back...
  15. Walnut rocker Sam maloof inspired, designed by Hal Taylor and built by me!

    This is my second finished chair so I've learned a lot from the first one! Jigs and Templates were all built already saved so much time, I did decide to make the swinging device to cut the head rest which works fantastic btw 2 weeks build time or 50 hours in total down from like 150 for the...
  16. Walnut Rocking Chair

    I've been wanting to build a Maloof style rocker for about as long as I've been a woodworker (about 5 years I think)... I always put it off thinking that my skills weren't there yet. Well, I still think that, but I did recently complete my first rocking chair. My wife and I had our first baby...
  17. Lacewood Rocking Chair

    Just finished another rocker this time I used 8/4 lace wood, I purchased the wood at Burlington exotic wood and I'm very happy with the quality of the lumber. The wood was great to work with which I did't know how it would be as this is my first experience with it, I will say lot's of fine...
  18. Walnut and Lacewood rocking chair

    This chair is a small version of the sculpted rocking chair I make it was built using Walnut and Lacewood. The seat is 2'' thick but made with 1.5'' of lacewood then laminated with book matched pieces of 1/4'' walnut, when the seat is sculpted the lacewood is revealed. Also the lacewood...
  19. Double rocking chair - The Hand Holder (-:

    This chair was built using 2'' QTD Lacewood with Ebony plugs, it is based off the design of Hal Taylor large but adapted to seat 2 people. The chair features: Coopered Headrest Form fitting flexible back braces Hand sculpted everything Hand rubbed oil finish Bent lamination - rockers and back...
  20. Designing Woodworking Projects
    To anybody that has done a Maloof style rocker, what minimum thickness stock can you use? I have 8/4 stock that measures 1-15/16" at its thickest down to 1-7/8" at its thinnest. It does need some milling to get rid of some of the sawmill marks. I figured all done it will be down to 1-3/4". I...
1-20 of 28 Results