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  1. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  2. Mother's Nature

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain hackberry crotch. It was illustrated with prisma color markers and finished with Krylon Crystal Clear flat acrylic. It measures approximately 7.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  3. hackberry and walnut coffee table

    nice little slab of hackberry made into a coffee table. walnut base. some ants lost their happy home! 24" at widest point 17" tall 60" long
  4. More Bowls

    Two more bowls I made from scraps laying around the shop. Pic 1 & 2, Purple heart and yellow heart. This bowl was made from cutoffs from some cutting boards I made a couple of years ago. I cut the cutoff into 4 equal sized pieces and glued them together. The purple heart gave me some...
  5. Green Hackberry Bowl

    This is the seventh bowl I have made and the second from green wood. This is a piece of Hackberry that a local woodturner brought to monthly meeting. I got one piece and cut into to two, I hope to get some distortion as it dries and once that's done I will apply a finish. Edit: its dried enough...
  6. Rickter

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain, spalted Hackberry. The spalting reminds me of the Rickter scale graph. It measures approximately 7.25 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. It is finished with wipe-on poly. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  7. Log Picture Book

    When my husband and I were in Springfield for the Scrollsaw contest, a couple of the magazine reps were there promoting their books, mags. etc. Well this sample of the log book was there that the original artist made along with the magazine that the pattern it came out in. I was very intriged...
  8. Wooden Saw Vise

    See more on my WordPress blog ... thanks!
  9. Goblet/ Wine Glass w/ 2 Captured Rings

    I got into the mood of making stemmed glassware in Arizona and I have often thought about making a captured ring on one. I had this piece of spalted Hackberry from a box full sent to me from LJ Blackie ( Big thanks, Randy!!!), so I made one a couple nights ago with 2 captured rings that nest...
  10. A few goblets

    Here are a few goblets made from cherry, dogwood and hackberry. The dogwood goblets are the most fun to turn because the wood seems a bit more stable. I have been practicing these a lot lately since I intend to make them a substantial part of my retirement income stream.
  11. More wood turnings

    The first 4 pics are turning made from scrap glueups from my scrap bin. All have red oak, walnut, purple heart and hackberry. All are finished with EEE-Ultra Shine, Hut Crystal Coat and buffed with the Beal buffing system. 1. Lidded box. Along with the above mentioned woods the finial is...
  12. Drift

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain, enhanced spalted hackberry. It measures approximately 6.25" tall by 5.5 inches wide. It is finished with Krylon Crystal Clear Flat. All comments and critiques are welcomed.
  13. Bandsaw Drinking Coasters Different Design From The Limb of Spalted Hackberry

    Close to my previous Coasters only I stayed contour to the limb and added a ridge around the coaster to hold in any seepage. Thanks for looking :)
  14. Spalted Hackberry Bandsaw Box with False Bottom

    I have a stock pile of this stuff (Spalted Hackberry) but each box has it's story, this box I used penned hinges and added a false bottom, once again the tray was made as a key for opening the false bottom by way of rare earth magnets, by lifting the tray out and spinning it 180 degrees and...
  15. Spalted Bowl

    This is my second bowl ever made. I gave it to my wife as her Valentines Day present. It is made from a piece of Spalted Hackberry that I bought. I didn't do anything fancy with the shape, I just wanted to get some more experience and confidence with bowl making. I added a maple medallion...
  16. Three small Hackberry bowls

    I have had these small bowls rough turned and drying in paper bags filled with shavings for a few months and decided to finish them out today. I've never turned Hackberry before so this was just an experiment to see how the wood worked. I have to say it's not bad to work with. wcp
  17. 9th Birthday Box - Spalted Hackberry and Walnut

    Well, it didn't go as planned (as you can tell by the awkward width of the lid), but hopefully still good enough for a 9 yr old's birthday.
  18. Assorted Pens

    Rather than post each pen, I figured I would just post the group shot and a few individuals. These are some of the first pens I made. I found it to be quite relaxing and found my self turning out 2-3 a day for a while. Materials used include Acrylics, Red Cedar, Purpleheart, Hackberry. With...
  19. The Coffin (Two Coffins) Halloween Boxes

    Well someone had to do it and with Halloween just around the corner it might as well me be me grin my wheels started turning what could I make that would set in this holiday and then it hit me like a ton of bricks A Coffin So then I knew what I wanted to make just didn't know how to go about it...
  20. Plethora of Bandsaw boxes cut from hackberry limbs

    These boxes were cut from yet another hackberry tree that fell out at our family cemetery these total of 8 boxes were cut from just two 16" long x 6 & 8" diameter limbs off of the main trunk, I than sliced them into in 4" sections thus I was able to make boxes from the limbs, since it wasn't on...
1-20 of 137 Results