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  1. Adjustable Drawer Bottom Grooving Plane for Summer Swap 2017

    This is an adjustable grooving plane for drawer bottoms or wherever you need a groove. The cutter is 1/4 inch. So it cuts a 1/4 inch groove up to 1/2 inch deep. I made this tool for GR8HUNTER, in the Summer 2017 Surprise tool Swap. It was really fun.
  2. April Surprise Swap Take 2 1/2 !!!

    Okay this is a Grooving plane that I made out of Beech. The wedge is out of Walnut. It cuts a 1/4" groove about 1/2" up on the board. It's great for half blind dovetails when you need to get the groove inside the tail. The last pic is of a pair of Winding Sticks. They are made out of Bolivian...
  3. The First Thirteen (again)

    I call this bowl "The First Thirteen" because it has the state quarters from the first 13 states inset in the feature ring. The 14th position is the face side of the coin showing George Washington. The coins are placed in order of their signing the Constitution and becoming States. We have...
  4. 1/4" Grooving Plane inspired by Mafe

    This is my second Shop-Made Plane. Inspired by Mafe's post below. It's a quarter inch grooving plane. Got it done in one evening. Its Birch with a Walnut wedge. Finished with dark wax. Works great! I think I will use it when I am working on an upcoming box...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have a question, im going to link two picture below of a soap dish and I want to know how is the soap dish surface groove made on it, what tool was used to make it, I would appreciate your insight. If the link doesn't open the question is just about an oval surface groove on top of any soap...
  6. Hand Tools
    Does anyone know what this saw is used for?
1-6 of 6 Results