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  1. Floating Shelves

    I saw the plans in a back issue of Woodworking Magazine and decided to give it a try with some scraps I had. They turned out okay and fit pretty good in one of the our bathrooms. I think I will be making a couple more for our other restroom.
  2. Telecaster Electric Guitar from Grizzly Kit

    My buddy thought it would be a good idea to challenge my woodworking skills by building an instrument (one I don't play but he does…). I am naive, so I agreed. I chose the use the Grizzly Telecaster kit. The body is made of ash. It has a maple neck. For less than $150, I was impressed with what...
  3. My first bandsaw box

    Hello all, I'm pretty new here, heck new to woodworking really. I thought I would share my first bandsaw box with you. I just purchased a bandsaw (Grizzly G0555) and decided to try it out. This project taught me a lot in regards to sanding/finishing. I am ashamed that I logged in around 30...
  4. Thien Baffle, Version 1

    My first attempt at a Thien Baffle. The stats: - 16" high top hat chamber made out of 1/2" MDF. - 55 gallon drum with 99cent 3/4" pipe insulation as sealing medium (hay… it works!). - 6" short piece of spiral pipe squashed with my foot to become 8.5" x 4" oval at the inlet. - 1/16" lexan x 16"...
  5. Second church cb makeover

    This is the second cutting board I found at the church fair. I cut up the walnut and added european beech, hard maple, purpleheart, paduck, white oak and yellowheart to the aged walnut. I think it jazzed it up a bit.
  6. Grizzly Bandsaw Stand / Cabinet

    So, I bought a brand new Grizzly G0555 off of Craigslist. The only thing missing was the stand. So I thought "life hands you a discounted Grizzly with no stand, gain design and building skills by building a new (and better) stand than what originally came with it. I say better, because this...
  7. maple platter

    This is a maple platter that I turned as part of a production run. The platter is 11" in diameter. Between the raised rings on the top I did chatter work with my homemade chatter tool. I didn't manage to get a photo of the platter bottom, but there was chatter work there as well. I wiped the...
  8. Band saw boxes

    Aromatic cedar, finished in satin lacquer.
  9. Champagne Table

    My wife and I are celebrating our 50 years of marriage on June 7. We have a modest party planned of about 70 or 80 people. Discussions with the party planner suggested that we didn't have appropriate facilities for serving wine and drinks, so I cleverly said I could build a champagne table...
  10. Wood Mallet

    Wood Mallet for woodworking in a James Krenov style. Made from Lati (Yaya) and White Limba. Thanks to Brad for inspiration and dimensions at
  11. Celtic crosses

    I had a bit of a Celtic cross fit again; carved 'em out of Maple, Mahogany, and Black Walnut.
  12. cutting board

    It almost seems like if you have not posted a cutting board, you are not yet a true LJ member. :) Well my mother's birthday is coming up and i had some scraps left, so figured a simple cutting board might do. Maybe an end grain board next time. There is some kiaat, purpleheart and SA pine in...
  13. Keepsake box

    Keepsake Box with a Japanese-esque flair. Of all my extensive box design investigations, I have seen only one that was similar to this design. And that was an antique with alot of gold filligree and ornamentation. So, I make the claim that this design is 99% original. Woods used: Butternut...
  14. still fruit basket

    my wife was looking through my pattern book and decided she wanted this one to go with her still fern plant I had done for her earlier. I was really dreading doing this one for all the details that was involve in it. it proved to be easier than I thought. hope you all enjoy them as I have had...
  15. Dresser

    Last one for today….Honest… This was an early project. So early that I got the dovetails the wrong way round (technicaly) because I thought they would look better seeing the sloping bit on the front of the drawer. I was right! This piece in cherry with a light stain and finished in Arm R...
  16. CLCBoats Chesapeake 17LT

    With our summer vacation plans scuttled we decided we needed a big project or two. So we ordered two Chesapeake 17LT kits from CLCBoats. The first one is for my youngest son to grow into and he has helped almost every step of way, including getting epoxy in his hair, which we cut out and will...
  17. Padauk box

    I made this box because I wanted to build a wooden hinge. So after searching around I found a U-tube video showing how to make one using a router and scrollsaw (actually fairly easy). The video also showed a box using a birds-mouth router bit, I had one of those bits in my collection of bits and...
  18. wooden bench #4

    Also built out of pine, this shares the same top board as with the smaller yellow bench. Painted Caribbean blue.
  19. Walnut charging station

    Charging station for mobile phones and pads. Made from walnut and some beech for the light areas. The lid is detachable and became a very snug fit. Used a recommended technic of building a closed box first, and then cut iff the lid on the saw, afterwards I added the inner support so that the...
  20. Red Tail Hawk

    Creaated from Pattern in Jan. Issue of Creative Woodworking and Crafts.
21-40 of 500 Results