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  1. Scrollsaw Blade Holder

    Just a quick weekend project - I needed a new blade holder for the scroll saw. I found a source online where I could buy poly-acrylic test tubes fairly cheap so I ordered a couple dozen. Once they arrived I searched the scrap pile until I found some pretty nice pieces - nothing fancy though...
  2. workbenches from Sweden

    We have made workbenches for more than 100 years now I make only about 12 large benches each year. My shop was built by my father and his two brothers 1945. look at my homepage I have made workbenches to 10 different countries and I love my work . I have made a...
  3. signs

    made of cedar. three coats of clear,then routed.then ebnoy in the letters.
  4. Rising from a pile of saw dust and wood chips ...

    Here is a woodstrip kayak project I did a few years back. It's built out of 1/4" x 3/4" red cedar, spanish cedar, pine and being in Oregon I had to work in some douglas fir woodstrips shaded over a set of forms. The recessed hatch areas were shaped from blocks of red cedar and the coaming rim...
  5. father's day present

    This is the knife I made my dad for father's day. I got the blade from WC. I also made the sheath. It was my first time working with leather, so didn't turn out quite as well as I wanted, but it serves it's purpose. The handle is made from sapele.
  6. Kitchen Hutch Base Cabinet

    Just a simple Base Cabinet made with 4 large drawers. My wife wanted drawers instead of cabinet doors with shelves. So it just a basic unit. ready for hardware and paint. Finished it off yesterday. Since I had a weekend with no other honey do's required lol.. I use the top off another cabinet...
  7. Dart board cabinet with inlay

    Cabinet is made of sipo - inlay is cherry.

    love the game .. thank dear friend Dan Wiggins on the photograph you sent me, on the basis of which I did my marquetry work
  9. This years high volume lower profit boards

    These are my less expensive boards for my first show in August. I usually make about 35 - 40 total in 7 different styles for each show and generally sell all but a handful for $25 - $40 each. Where I make my money is they are made entirely from scraps and shorts. I'll run the both sides through...
  10. Save the Children Fund Cutting Board on EbAY

    This is the cutting board I plan on listing on ebay. Looking for any ideas or feedback on how to price the listing. yellowheart, wenge from Africa and Black cherry from Memphis. Curly maple from Ohio. the black cherry is priceless. About 12 years ago we lived in Bartlett, Tennessee which is...
  11. African Padauc Small keepsake box

    This small keepsake box was cut from a chunk of African padauc I bought at our local Woodcraft store. The chunk was originally a turning blank for a bowl, but I went at it with the bandsaw to get the pieces you see in picture 3. The legs are Ash wood stained with a gun-stock orange stain to...
  12. knick-knack box

    I had a couple pieces of scrapwood, so I decided to make a Christmas present for someone. It is about 10W x 4H x 6D The sides are cherry and the lid and 4 corners are walnut. The lid is hinged with dowels and I plugged the legs to look like a dowel constuction. (although it is pinned and...
  13. Grizzly 1023 Switch Relocate and Safety Stop

    About a year ago I purchased a used Grizzly 1023 tablesaw which had been poorly maintained. The previous owner had sawed mostly pine and must never have cleaned it. All the parts were caked hard with pitch and sawdust and the entire base was packed full of sawdust. I spent many hours cleaning...
  14. Lock in progress

    Working on lock ,Maple,Walnut and oak Parts done, now to try a few times to make sure it works. Pattern from Tim Detwiller book on locks ,then glue and then shape ,then sand and finish.
  15. Outfeed Table

    This outfeed table was designed and built to complement my new tablesaw. It is constructed of 3/4" maple and BC exterior plywood, and assembled primarily with pocket screws and glue. This was my first pocket screw project, and I must say that in certain situations they are definitely...
  16. CNC to M&M

    I have access to a CNC so I have been learning/playing. Saw this candy dispenser and just had to try one. Cut the parts out of an MDF sheet. When clamped I noticed the gear did not spin freely as it is the same thickness as the spacer behind it. A couple of paper shims above/below the spacer...
  17. The Walnut Murphy Bar-- New build video

    I just posted a new build video on my Youtube channel I'm super excited about! Let me know what you think: Introducing the Murphy Bar-- Woodworking In this video I build a folding "Murphy Bar." It is designed as a classic midcentury piece that opens to display your liquor bottles and glasses...
  18. Vesper Inspired Awl

    I have always loved the design of the Vesper Cohen Awl, so I decided to make something very similar. It is made from hard rock maple, a brass plumbing fitting, and a short piece of O1 hss drill rod. I finished it with four coats of Shellac and some furniture paste wax.
  19. 2HP Dust Collector Modification

    Like many others on Lumber Jocks, I also own a powerful HFT 2hp #97869 dust collector. Unfortunately, two of the collector support tubes on my system broke the other day so I took this as an opportunity to fix everything I didn't like about this dust collector. Here are the items requiring...
  20. Floating Shelves

    I saw the plans in a back issue of Woodworking Magazine and decided to give it a try with some scraps I had. They turned out okay and fit pretty good in one of the our bathrooms. I think I will be making a couple more for our other restroom.
1-20 of 500 Results