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  1. Candle holder

    Candle holder

    Disregard this pic. I uploaded a newer one that is upright.
  2. Blue, Green and Gold Dyed Box Elder Burl

    Blue, Green and Gold Dyed Box Elder Burl

    A trio of colored blanks.
  3. Greenwood candle stick holder

    Greenwood candle stick holder

    Made this out of some random green wood I found. Sealed it with a golden oak stain. I dried it in the microwave, multiple 30 second intervals. It worked out pretty well.
  4. Tsuru Pot

    Tsuru Pot

    This pot represents some of my progress in learning hollowing. Still having a tough time with it… although I like that I can make shapes and forms I couldn't make before. This is turned and carved from wet Black Walnut. I've turned several pieces from this log now… but for some reason on this...
  5. First Ever Bowl

    First Ever Bowl

    This is my first ever bowl turned on the lathe, from a green horse chestnut log that was pretty wet all the way through still. Pictures are before sanding and waxing.
  6. Reclaimed Doug Fir Hairpin Leg Bench

    Reclaimed Doug Fir Hairpin Leg Bench

    In the back of the detached one-car carriage house of the 1913 craftsman we bought a year ago, there was a tired old workbench long forgotten, gross-looking, and maybe for the garbage. Maybe. Termites are no joke here in southern California for sure, I just had to see if this great old wood...
  7. what can $8 worth of solid lumber get you...

    what can $8 worth of solid lumber get you...

    Furniture with the markings of a past life… I got this lumber from a recycle lumber yard. They pulled it from an old bank building in Sacramento, built around the 1930's. I found one really weather beaten plank which I think might have been from the building's facade. I chose this plank to be...
  8. Pool cue rest

    Pool cue rest

    I shoot a lot of pool. And I've seen things like The Claw, and thought to myself that I could make one of those. So I did. And, because "Claw" was already taken, I'm calling it The Fang. ;) It's nice that you can break it down, which makes it have a smaller footprint than the Claw. When I...
  9. Billiard ball ring

    Billiard ball ring

    Made this billiard ball ring mostly carved by hand but had some minimal drilling and a lot of sanding. Polish on the lathe.
  10. "c" table

    "c" table

    this is a concept i came up with 2 years ago and it just came to life through a collaboration with soma interiors & tom sawyer enterprises here in abq. it has great potential and there are many variations we plan. cnc'd ply, then i glue all the 'slices' together to make the form. hope everyone...
  11. Camphor Burl Hybrid Cast Duck Call

    Camphor Burl Hybrid Cast Duck Call

    This duck call is made from a piece of camphor burl that I cast with Alumilite resin and Pearlex colorants.
  12. Restoration - "Rockaway" Rocking Chair

    Restoration - "Rockaway" Rocking Chair

    A few weeks back, some friends told me about a treasured rocking chair that someone had tipped a bit too far back. One of the rockers split right where the rear post connects. This is, of course, the point of most when rocking backwards, so I worried it would be a difficult repair. It was...
  13. Recylced wood projects, Bench Swing, Arbor, Draw Knife Sheaths

    Recylced wood projects, Bench Swing, Arbor, Draw Knife Sheaths

    Here are some projects where I used recycled cedar. The lumber came from my kids playground that I have built about 13 years ago. It has been moved once when we moved to our new house. I think I have pay about $700 at the time for the new timber from the hardware store. Now my boy is 17 and...
  14. The Other Xmas Gift

    The Other Xmas Gift

    I never did get my wife an engagement ring when I should have six years ago now. I finally picked up a diamond for her. In order to make it a surprise and get an excuse for "what did you do all day on your week off", I spent half a week building her a laptop stand. The top is reclaims stage...
  15. Chair side tables

    Chair side tables

    I had some requests for a few more of these type of tables so off to work I went…. I made a previous version that can be seen in my projects page, these tables have a few changes but otherwise are identical. What makes these tables "chair side" in my opinion is they are tall enough (24") to...
  16. Cedar River Table

    Cedar River Table

    Found a nice (and inexpensive) piece of cedar on my way back from a trip to VA. The epoxy is tinted green. The base is painted poplar.
  17. Trash Cabinet

    Trash Cabinet

    I wanted a way to hide my trash can and gain some storage space. I found this online and duplicated it. The stain for the top is a mixture of cabernet, Jacobean and Red Mahogany. The finish is shellac finished with paste wax. Everything is cheap pine since this was a proof of concept...
  18. Wood / Resin necklaces

    Wood / Resin necklaces

    Some necklaces I made for my wife's boutique clothing store using some leftover exotic wood, alumilite resin and metallic mica powder. Casted as a single large block then cut into each individual piece. So far they have been popular with the Packers fans!
  19. Simple Compost bin

    Simple Compost bin

    I needed a simple compost bin to handle a lot of my daily yard waste and kitchen scraps. I didn't want to fill the trash with this sort of thing when it can be so beneficial to the perennial garden beds. Plus, its a simple way to be Earth friendly and do my part to help the planet. I decided...
  20. Heart Shaped (ring) Box

    Heart Shaped (ring) Box

    Made this ring box for an upcoming wedding (not mine). It is genuine mahogany with Kelly green flocking. A steel pin is used to pivot the lid and a magnet snaps it in place.