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  1. Oak Bowl

    This is the first green turn in my life. I have been practicing woodworking retirement too long and decided to get back to business after a long break. I have completed many turning projects prior to a decade long break. I prefer to work primarily with show pieces that will never be used for...
  2. Viking Ale bowl made from green Birch and eating spoon

    This bowl and spoon set I am proud of! Both items are made from white birch. They are finished off with the small gouge real sharp and left to dry, then oil! No sanding. The spoon is just finished with the knife and is glass smooth and ready to be used everyday! They are very uniform in...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi Everybody, Im looking into purchasing the Porter Cable 14" Bandsaw and only one thing is holding me back. I would like to know if Porter Cable or if any other tool companies sell a riser block that fits the Porter Cable 14" Bandsaw??? comment if anyone knows :) -NewEnglandsWoodWorks
  4. Blogs
    First Green Turned Oak Bowl Ever This is the first green turn read more in my project "oak bowl" thanks
1-4 of 4 Results