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  1. Orchid Green house for my wife

    what happens when an orchid hobby grows too big to keep it inside? ????: "Honey, can you make me a green house for my orchids?" And what do we do? Of course we build it! Because that's what we do and that's what we like to do. Ready and closed. Strict no-entry policy for iguanas At the time...
  2. Mini Greenhouse

    I had to quickly make these mini greenhouses to protect some raspberry plants that have budded from an upcoming frost. Although they're not too pretty, they serve their purpose, and I was able to build them very quickly from mostly scraps. It is simply a bottom board with a hole cut in so it...
  3. Blogs
    introduction So, what happens when your sister in law has an orchid passion as well? (referring to my other blog post about orchid green houses) Your wife will ask you to build a green house for your sister in law. And what do we do? We build the green house, of course! And we like it that...
1-3 of 3 Results