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  1. Greek inspired shop stool - post.

    Greek inspired shop stool - post. from travels to Greece I was still a teenager, the first time I visited Greece, here the Greek chairs caught my eyes. I had the pleasure to see the local carpenter making these chairs, I think he enjoyed this young boy, who was curious and made drawings of...
  2. Shangrila Klismos Style Mesquite Greek Chair

    This is a new style of chair that I did for a customer. Since he is Greek he was wanting a Klismos style chair, but with my own flair. He bought four of my low back chairs and wanted some of those features implemented into this greek chair. The Klismos chair came about when the Greeks in ancient...
  3. Blogs
    Greek inspired shop stool - (from travels to Greece). Greek inspired stool from travels to Greece Here you see the little simple stool in use, it has become my favorite work stool, since it is small and light and yet sturdy. (On this picture I use it while restoring the windows at my...
1-3 of 3 Results