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  1. Rolling "Welcome Center" Cart with Backlit Sign

    My adult church "Connect Group" (Sunday School class, small group, etc…) recently moved to a different room. We no longer had a tiki bar prop to use as a surface to fill out name tags and register visitors. I decided to build a cart that could be rolled out into the hallway on Sunday mornings...
  2. Blogs
    in memoriam A recent string of chatter had me post an obit spoof as a potential t-shirt idea. Chip, Greg and Dr Sawdust (put in for about 3 dozen orders) and suggested I post this as a bonafide blog to gauge a wider audience… Oh, Obi and Karson like it too! So fellow jocks, does anyone else...
  3. Blogs
    Stanley No. 45 Boxes Reproduction Graphics I bought a No. 45, but the cutters did not come with the boxes that were included at the original purchase, all those decades ago. Not wanting to spend a large amount of money for real boxes, I've opted to make my own reproductions. However, I wanted...
1-3 of 3 Results