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  1. Finishing
    Hi folks, I've been working on an African mahogany shelf this weekend and ran into the issue of paste wax showing up as white specks in the open grain of the wood (on my test piece). The boards look wonderful just oiled but I had hoped to wax them as well… I sanded it to 220, and applied two...
  2. Blogs
    Let's get started with big slabs I have been commissioned by a local church member to build a conference table. She and her husband are supplying the lumber and I am supplying the design work and the woodworking. I have been working on the table for several weeks now so I will get you...
  3. Blogs
    Sanding Sealer versus Grain Filler I'm probably writing something that many people already know, but I'm writing this as much for myself, to remind me later what I've learned, as for any others out there for whom this is new. I've just recently made a box, mainly out of Tasmanian Oak. It's my...
  4. Finishing
    Hey everyone, thanks for stopping in. I have a couple of questions… I am in the process of refinishing a pre/post WWII chest of drawers made of mahogany, it's a manufactured piece from Kling if anyone recognizes the name… I believe out of Michigan… Like a lot of other furniture. I salvaged...
  5. Finishing
    Should you fill open grain woods before glue-up or after? Also do you typically grain fill non visible pieces of wood such as the inside frame of a side table? I'm planning on either using Aquacoat, Seal-A-Cell, or a oil slurry to grain fill. I'll be experimenting on scrap wood first. Any...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I see some pretty amazing sketchup drawings and I can see how it would be very useful to have this skill. The purpose of this post is to collect some of the best tutorials, tips, or advice on how to best to get into using this program. Thank you for your input.
21-27 of 27 Results