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  1. Red grain-filled ash coping saw

    After building the black grain-filled ash coping saw for the swap, I had some ash left. I built another coping saw, slightly thinner, and then grain-filled it with red-dyed fill. It's maybe a little too thin, as it flexes a little in use, but I like the look of it, and will probably use it to...
  2. Coffee Table

    Base made of solid 4/4 walnut. Posts, brushed stainless steel with ebony collar. Top 1 1/4 mdf core with 2" solid walnut edges and mahogany veneer. Base finished with 6 coats of 20 degree lacquer. Top, grain filled and finished with 4 coats of 20 degree lacquer. Final stage is to cut and...
  3. Pencil cedar vases

    Three Vases turned from Pencil/aromatic cedar
  4. Ted's Mahogany Bottle Opener

    This is my 3rd bottle opener that I have made…but the first I feel turned out pretty well…its a gift for my father in law Ted…we are headed to visit grandma and grandpa tomorrow for Easter and I wanted to make this final bottle opener that I had bought… The first two I tried to use the thread...
  5. Finishing
    Should you fill open grain woods before glue-up or after? Also do you typically grain fill non visible pieces of wood such as the inside frame of a side table? I'm planning on either using Aquacoat, Seal-A-Cell, or a oil slurry to grain fill. I'll be experimenting on scrap wood first. Any...
  6. Finishing
    I'm giving french polish a shot for my table and have a question about grain filling. The top that I will apply the finish to is Ribbon African Mahogany. On practice scrap I used pumice to fill the grain, but I'm wondering if I could just use aqua coat to do the initial grain fill and then...
1-6 of 6 Results