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  1. Class of 2014 Name Plates

    My son is a senior in high school this year and I was asked to make something special for him and seven other seniors in the marching band. I made these name plates using my father's old Craftsman 13" scroll saw. I created the template using Microsoft Visio. They are cut from 1/2" solid oak...
  2. Ceremonial Mace for local College

    My woodworking club in Cincinnati was contacted my a local College to have a ceremonial mace made for their graduation ceremonies. A general email was sent out to see if anyone was interested - I replied. The College had a general idea of what they wanted from some pictures on line but after...
  3. Graduation Books

    My son's girlfriend is graduating in May with a Master's and her sister is graduating with a PhD, so I thought I would do something special for them. I was able to stack cut these album covers (1/4"BB) on the scroll saw. The faces were intentionally blurred (I promised they would be incognito).
  4. Compass Graduation Canes

    For the past 4 years I have been commissioned to make graduation canes for various secret societies at Dartmouth. These compass canes are my favorite, because I like compasses. This year the group requested solid walnut. I stamp the heads with my metal stamping kit. I then apply one coat of...
  5. Blogs
    My senior project research paper on woodworking It's kind of long, but if anyone is interested in reading it, I wrote my paper for my senior project on how woodworking, or furniture building specifically, transcends the fine arts. I'm finishing up a japanese influenced bench for my product and...
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am looking for 1/8" poplar/birch bending ply. I had no idea how difficult it is to find. Non of the sources I found through GOOGLE have worked out. They are either wholesale or do not ship. I managed to order a small lot through ebay, but I'm losing confidence in the seller's ability to...
1-6 of 6 Results