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  1. "unbearable likeness of emerging genesis"

    The sculpture is my version of the beginning of life. The two walnut trees I found in the Texas hill country had be dead for some time. In the Texas hill country the middle of most trees rot out first but I had found one tree just before it got really punky.The spalting had already occoured and...
  2. Drunken Checkerboard Breakfast Tray

    A tray I made for a wedding present for my daughter. My son & his wife got the negative.
  3. Hammer Handle

    This Hammer handle was a piece of red oak saved from the firewood pile. The hammer head was given to me by Dad, he said that it was my grandfathers, as was the spokeshave. I used the spoke shave to whittle the wood down to size and shape. I coated the handle with 4 coats of Minwax Spar Urethane...
  4. Simple Small Desk

    This was a quick and simple desk for a client. Pine for everything, pocket hole joinery, high-gloss finish on the top. Simple, easy, out the door.
  5. Gallivanting Gorilla animated wood pull-toy

    This is the latest David Wakefield designed animated wood toy I have built. I made this one from American Cherry, then dipped in food grade mineral oil. This toy only works if you pull it because you have to over-come the friction between the gorilla's legs and the ground. You have to see...
  6. Joinery
    Greetings and salutations fellow LumberJocks! I have a quick question that surprisingly I was unable to find an answer for. If I could get an answer pretty quick, that would be great, I'm on a time budget :-) I use Gorrila Wood Glue, as its basically Titebond ll but cheaper, at least here. I...
  7. Joinery
    Hi everyone! I'm changing from 16 oz bottles of gorilla wood glue to gallon jugs of TiteBond ll (yep, I use a lot) and was wondering if mixing the two would cause any issues (separating, strength reduction, explosions, things like that). Thanks!
  8. Wood & Lumber
    I have a bunch of 20' t&g 5/4 ipe boards that i would like to turn into door jambs… I've been reading about various glues, but maybe somebody here knows what the latest and greatest glue is to use for ipe which gets the best results… i was thinking gorilla wood glue? but can i do better? I was...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    Have a project where someone used Gorilla Glue to glue plastic to metal. The plastic popped off but have the glue residue left over. What would you suggest to remove the glue?
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    Gorilla Glue took a major hit in the shins recently with an article published in the Aug07 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine. Seems that "The Toughest Glue on Planet Earth" is not. Out of six various glues tested, Gorilla came in with a very poor last place. #1 was Titebond III followed by...
1-10 of 10 Results