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  1. Last Second Golf Bag

    I'm not what you would call a golfer. My company has a tournament every year for our department in which I participate since the two choices are a) another day in the office (mostly alone) or b) a day spent outside with friends from work driving around golf carts while sipping adult beverages...
  2. Golfer Box

    This is a gift for a friend. It is made of red oak and hickory. The red oak is from my neighbor's 103 year old tree that hurricane Ike knocked down two years ago. The hickory is from a small tree my neighbor gave to me and thought I might want it for my BBQ pit. The finish is wipe on poly...
  3. Bench Restored

    I have had this bench for about 6 years and it was out in the Texas sun for about 4. The wood was in really bad shape. I repainted it with an oil rubbed bronze and replaced the wood with red oak from a tree blown down by hurricane Ike. The wood is finished with minwax early american stain and...
  4. First project for LJ business card holder

    Well pretty simple but thought it was about time I shared something. Made this for the pro at my favorite course, the base is a beautiful piece of maple and the holder itself is walnut.
  5. Replica 1870 Golf Clubs

    My two favorite hobbies, woodworking and golf, have collided. Over the last couple of years, I have attempted to replicate some long nose era golf clubs from the pre-1880 era. I have tried to use traditional methods as best as I could figure it out. The black stained club on the left is an...
  6. Golf Course Furnishings

    The golf course I work at was closed for 6.5 months this summer while they overhauled the greens. While I did not have my part time job for that stretch, the course did become my biggest woodworking client. I posted two of these things already, but there were a total of 10 items that I made for...
  7. Hole in One Display

    A hole in one display made of cocobolo, African mahogany and tiger maple.
  8. Golf ball USB memory stick

    ...or flash drive or thumb drive or memory key or whatever else they're known as. O.K. the dimples might not be quite authentic, but it does feel nice in the hand. Ball is holly and the tee is yew. I was pleased with the accuracy of my turning of the sphere. My previous attempts have tended...
  9. Floyd the Golfer

    Floyd is a very dapper, smartly dressed golfer. It's no wonder his chin is of such generous proportions…..he's always so greatly amazed when he hits a good shot, that his chin is permanently dropped in amazement. He stands 7 inches tall and is hand carved from a single piece of Northern...
  10. PCS gift for TSgt

    Made this golf cart for a TSgt that PCS'd . He always was not at work playing gold. Even made him a left handed driver, thought it may make his game better.
  11. knitting and golf automaton

    knitting and golf automaton
  12. His and Hers Golf automata
  13. Golf Bag Rack

    And now, for something completely different! Well, this is something I've never seen on LJ's before, a golf bag rack. I was asked to make this bag rack where I play golf. It was made with western red cedar to tie in with other course items made with cedar. All mortise and tenon construction...
  14. fancy place to store golf clubs!

    i decided to make the back end of a full size golf cart, it was fun plus we had to go play around of golf and get demensions of a golf cart. this is made to be mounted on the wall barely off the ground. everything is made of wood including the wheels. the golf ball washer has a hidden...
  15. Autographed Golf Ball

    I finally took a crack at the golf ball in a cage adventure. You would typically use a soft wood. But since I want to give it to a friend I chose some Mahogany that I had on hand. A hard wood makes the project a little more risky. It was nervous time inserting the golf ball into its new home...
  16. A memorial of a husband to be given to kids

    A friend who had lost her husband at the start of the year asked me if I could make something with her husbands clubs to give to her children. Since he loved beer, the openers were a given. I then suggested coat racks made from the irons, one for the family home and one for her daughter. I...
  17. Hand-Cranked Golfing Automaton

    I have built many hand-cranked wood toys for kids to operate and I display them at community events in normal years with no virus. I got the idea to have a male golfer make an easy shot up a hill….....and a female golfer who makes a looping and much more difficult shot. After much testing, I...
  18. DIY Golfers Outfeed Roller

    ........I needed an outfeed roller to use with my dads hand-me-down Craftsman 103.22171 that I spruced-up a bit…... Being a dumpster diver, I snagged 3 ""Titleist Stowaway"" golf bag carts on the roadside. They have soft foam tires and are about 10" in diameter and 3" wide. They are simple...
  19. Golf Gear Rack

    A storage rack for golf gear that I copied from one made of steel tubing and wire mesh advertised in one of those airplane shopping catalogs.
  20. Golf Caddie

    I made this for my mother/father-in-law as a Christmas gift…..loved it, and moved me up to most favored son-in-law status. Made of oak with decorative mahogony plugs, It's copied from a picture I saw in one of my w.w. mags.
1-20 of 43 Results