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  1. 5-minute golf club

    5-minute golf club. Grandson Kaler, 2 1/2, wanted to try his hand at golf. I had an old cutoff club that was way too heavy for him, so my son said, "How about making him one real quick?" A hunk of 2×2 and a length of 5/8 inch dowel, a little sawing and shaping and some quick setting...
  2. Golf Club Repair Stand

    I made the golf club repair stand by request for a buddy who does his own golf club repairs. He wanted a stand to set the clubs on while the adhesives were drying, etc… I cut the parts out of a glued panel of knotty pine and painted it Espresso.
  3. #13 Flat Iron Golf Club Fly Swatters

    New #13 Flat Iron Golf Clubs! Three different Club Head Colors to choose from! A must for every Golfer. Have this in your bag and let people know when they are "BUG-ing" you! These can also be used as Fly Swatters..:) Novelty Item.. Available at: BigFoot Products Check out my: FREE Table Saw...
  4. The Big Mo-Fo

    A little parody of mine to poke some fun at how huge driver heads have become lately. My plan is to have The Big Mo-Fo in my bag for the next scramble where the number of beers drank often exceeds the number of triple bogeys, but who's counting. This should be fun. Power carved out of some...
  5. Golf Club Coat Racks, Part 2

    I'd gotten quite a few compliments and such on my first pair of these, here and on Facebook and elsewhere. So, I decided to knock out a couple more. They're fun and easy to make and, if you keep your eyes open, the clubs can be had dirt cheap. These two are made with matched sets of clubs. The...
  6. Golf Club Coat Rack #6

    Another in my growing collection of golf club coat racks. Last one in cedar for a while and this one has some pretty sweet color and grain. Heads are two "Sam Snead" specials and three Titleist "Acushnet" woods. I thought they made a nice group. OK, all for now. Back to another pair of walnut...
  7. My first golf club coat racks!

    Here is my first project of the year. I've seen a few golf club coat racks around the web and decided to give it a shot myself. It was good to be making noise and sawdust again! Planed some nice red cedar down to 1 1/4". I have a few pieces in my garage and wouldn't mind (much) if I were to...
  8. Putter

    I made this for my brother-in-law . He was going on about a brass putter that was stolen from him that he really liked. This is made from Cocobolo, Birds Eye Maple, Ebony. Brass and filled with lead to 340 grams.
  9. Marquetry table for St Andrew Golf Club

    Hi guys, This is what I have been doing over the past 3 - 4 weeks. Section has been completed a while a go. Now the top is ready to be glued on. Will post the final photos of course :) Merry Christmas!
1-9 of 9 Results