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  1. Bonsai golf ball display

    I play in an annual golf tournament and donate a unique golf ball display every year. This is this year's display that I call "Bonsai" after the shaped Japanese trees. The woods are Walnut and Maple and measures approximately 22" wide by 16" high. Thanks for looking,
  2. Golf Ball Marker Plaques

    When my wife finally decided to take up golf four years ago, I was excited about the opportunity to play together not only in the area, but when we take vacations. She's hooked and actually plays more than I do now! At the time she started playing I started to collect golf ball markers from...
  3. Hole in One Shadow Box

    With the exception of a pen I made for myself after I had already made them for my son and his girlfriend and I liked it so much I wanted one too (, I don't make projects just for me…making them for family and friends is so much more fulfilling. But...
  4. Golf Ball in a Block of Wood

    Here was a fun one that I made recently. These make great gifts and you'll have your friends and family scratching their heads trying to figure out how you did it. It's a Golf Ball in a Block Wood. . . I have more pictures and a video over at my other site on
  5. Blogs
    Golf Ball in a Block of Wood How do you put a Golf Ball in a Block of Wood? Check out my video below and I have a more detailed entry over at my other site on // Youtube Link:
1-5 of 5 Results