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  1. Going Away Plaque, FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY

    Our CO is leaving soon. The First Classes brought me an old plaque and some parts ( almost no money spent) for his going away gift. The Plaque reads, "Thoughtfully removed by the Acey-Deucey Association, so it wouldn't hit ya where the good Lord split ya! Fair Winds and Following Seas" CO...
  2. Corporal chevron plaque

    I usually stick to working with plaques for people who are leaveing the Marine Corps, and made this for a junior of mine. I used a palm router with no jig. It came out a little squirely but overall it looks good. Cedar was soft enough to fix small mistakes. But until i find a router table and...
  3. Rocket box

    Gift I made for a Sgt of mine. He was leaving the Marine Corps and since we are "Ordies" it was fitting to give home a warhead box. I copied the dimensions and used maple and walnut for the box, and threw in some cedar for the tray.
  4. 451st gift

    I made one for congressman Mike Pompaio per the order of the 451st. The general ensured I received recognition and he coined me as well. He is now moving on to a new command so they asked me for something similar. I had to do something unique for him so I lit the background up to match their...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Here's a pair: First, you take your basic sandwich spreading tool, narrow it down and shorten it and square the end and round the corners gently and you have, voila, a great little putty spreader; wide enough to catch a staple hole going sideways, but not so big it leave globs of the stuff to...
1-5 of 5 Results