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  1. Cherry Wedding Goblet

    This is a Cherry wedding goblet i just made for a couple that just got married. 4 3/4"x 3", they asked for a food safe finish so they could use the goblet so i used a salad bowl finish.this is my first commissioned piece. All comments and questions welcome.
  2. Pedestal bowl or chalice: West Indian Satinwood and Lignum Vitae.

    Bowl or chalice recently finished. West Indian Satinwood and Lignum Vitae. Almost 10" tall. Paste wax finish. Thanks for looking! Alexander
  3. First turned goblet

    After spending a day of working on my dust collector project, I decided to turn my first goblet. Well, this is actually my second - the first was scraped because I was too impatient. I've seen this turned at a woodworking show and thought it was almost impossible. It's not quite the design I was...
  4. Spalted Japanese Maple Goblet

    "Spalted Japanese Maple Goblet" is such big name for such a small turing. I cannot get over how beautiful wood can be. This goblet was made from the trunk of a small Japanese Maple tree that died. I normally do not bother with such small pieces, as the trunk was only about 4" in diameter and...
  5. Goblet candle stick holder

    Made this out of an old fence post - at least 40 years old.
  6. Cedar Goblet

    Last summer a windstorm came by and uprooted this gorgeous red cedar. I decided to try my luck with a live-edge turning. The wood was so wet my fingers were dripping water while I was turning. But after giving it a couple nights to dry out, it was ready to be turned to the finished dimensions...
  7. Goblet

    Here are a couple of pictures of a Goblet I turned from a Bradford Pear Tree. It was my first time turning this type of wood and at turning a Goblet. It was a lot of fun to turn.
  8. first goblet

    first try at turning a goblet pretty fun.this piece is 5inchs tall and 3inchs round.
  9. Whine about spilled wine

    This is a project for this coming Jan. The Gallery Uptown in having an event called Wine about Winter and this will be my entry. The tray is cherry, the wine bottle is birds eye Maple, the goblet is maple base and figured birch top. The wine bottle cork is cherry burl. Yes the bottle is...
  10. Candle holder/goblet

    My sister wanted a tea light candle holder and said she wanted something different. So I looked through my stash of wood and noticed a couple of logs that I got from a tree that the city had cut down in my neighborhood. So I threw it onto the lathe and started turning it to see what it looked...
  11. My First Goblet... awwwwwww, cute.

    Well, it's pretty rough at some parts, but I was going more for completion than skill. It's the first thing I've turned that is deeper than an inch XD. It's still only about 3.75" inches deep, but hey, we have to start somewhere right??? No finish or oil, just a lot of sanding and cursing.
  12. A few goblets

    Here are a few goblets made from cherry, dogwood and hackberry. The dogwood goblets are the most fun to turn because the wood seems a bit more stable. I have been practicing these a lot lately since I intend to make them a substantial part of my retirement income stream.
  13. Spalted Ambrosia Maple Chalice

    The wood came from a maple in my neighborhood (the community owns about 10 acres of woods surrounding the development). I stabilized the spalted areas with low viscosity quick epoxy as much as I could when they were uncovered during the turning. It's sanded to 600 grit on the outside and 400...
  14. More Goblets

    I finally finished a few more goblets. Like the first one I did, these are cherry bases. The first one was made as a gift, these I'm thinking of selling.
  15. Small Yew Cup/Goblet

    A small Cup or Goblet, 4 inches tall, in English Yew. Sanded to 600 grit, then finished with 2 coats or Chestnut Hard Wax Oil (de-nibbed with 0000 wire wool between coats), and burnished to a high gloss with Burnishing Cream. A fun piece to make! Comments welcome.
  16. Oak Goblet

    I made this goblet some 8 months ago. At the time I was experimenting with a lot of this slender shapes (I have to start experimenting again soon). This one is only of average slenderness (I'll post some really slender ones when I take some pictures). In the second picture you probably notice...
  17. Mesquite Bar set

    The wine glasses, mugs and wooden shooters are made from mesquite from north Texas. The wine glasses are a turning technique called inside out turning. The log is cut square and then split into 4 equal parts and glued back together with the center of the log on the outside. It is mounted on the...
  18. First ever turned goblet

    This is my first ever turned goblet, I am going to enter it into a competition at a woodturning exhibiton that I'm going to in two weeks time. The goblet was finished with a coat of polyurethane varnish. Here is the link for this goblets youtube video I made;
  19. Ironwood Goblet

    I had this piece of Ironwood that was laying around the shop and thought I needed a little lathe time today. So, after all the trees were trimmed this morning, I slipped into the barn to relax a while. This wood had a funny shape to the branches- like a lot of flats all around it instead of...
  20. Beautiful segmented goblet

    My second goblet, and my first segmented piece. Simple design and a captive ring set loose by my skew chisel. Could anybody identify the darker wood for me?
1-20 of 164 Results