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  1. Navy Chief Goat Head Plaque

    No goats were harmed during the creation of this project…. This is the second project I've done, only the head for this one though. These aren't hard project and a lot of fun to make. Thanks for looking.
  2. Navy Chief Goat Locker Challenge Coin Holder

    Always in search of a new idea for a challenge coin holder, I think I found it….. A little background for those not familiar with the Navy, the Chief Petty Officer's Mess is commonly referred to as the Goat Locker. So with that, I created this little guy. The orignial pattern was for a goat...
  3. A herd of goats....Navy Goat Locker Style

    Here's a couple of requests from people who have seen the previous one I made. Both are made of oak; six layers of 3/4" stock. One has slots to display challenge coins. And yes that is my world champion, herding dog Daisy. Now comes the hard part….find a large box to ship them….and they are...
  4. Navy Chief Cutlass Display Plaque

    This was made at the request of a retired Master Chief who I work with. In keeping with the Goat Locker theme, I added the small goat head for a little, custom touch. Made all of oak with key hole slots in the back to hang it.
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've been doing wood working for some time, but I'd like to get into small parts prototyping. To that ends I'm starting to consider CNC machines. What I'd like to know from my fellow LJ's is: where to start looking, and what to avoid and why. If I look at small no-name outfits what should I...
1-5 of 5 Results