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  1. Garden Gnome Fairy Balcony and window

    A customer wanted a balcony and windows to go with my gnome door and bridge. They also wanted a place to attach air plants. So I made these.
  2. "Wobbly Gnome"

    I carved a slightly larger gnome than my usual ones so I could add some extra details, and I decided to make a little toy out of him. I was playing with him trying to figure out what kind of motion would work and I decided on kind of a wobbling from side to side was kind of funny. It doesn't...
  3. "Egg Head"

    I'm undecided whether this is an elf or a gnome, but he is definitely not a Santa! I was trying to give Mark Akers the last bit of my cash, and I saw a little carving similar to this, sitting on the table at his booth. I think Mark said he had been messing around with it at carving club or a...
  4. Gnome on a Toadstool

    This is a little gnome relaxing on a toadstool. The gnome is a Floyd Rhadigan pattern, published in Wood Carving Illustrated Issue 63, Summer 2013. Floyd's gnome was around 7 inches tall; mine is 5.5 inches tall, carved from basswood, dipped in BLO, then painted with acrylic paints. Claude
  5. Gnome, ala Liberace

    You never know what will happen when you give your knife free will! CJ
  6. Mountain Nisse (Gnome)

    This little Nisse is a Norwegian style flat-plane carving. I used basswood scraps that I had laying around. I drew a few lines on the wood and started carving. I used a piece of walnut for the walking staff. The basswood one I made broke rather quickly. He is screwed to wood base. I mounted...
  7. Nativity Scene

    I saw this on Vinnie's project posting and liked the idea for Christmas presents for my wife and daughter. I modified Vinnie's design a bit but kept his basic concept. Mine were made from cherry with a Danish oil finish.
  8. Plywood Platter (yes you read that right)

    Another light industrial complex dumpster discovery - we have a shop nearby that is always throwing out cutoffs from installing structural plywood beams. I had an idea and this is what came of it. I was using a faceplate and either my stock was too thin, my screws too long or I was just...
  9. Gnome

    Garden Gnome for Christmas, I hope the Garden gnome liberationists leave this one alone.
  10. Outhouse for little people

    My Mother has a nice back yard, but it has an ugly old well casing sticking up in the middle of it. I couldn't stand it any more. I browsed the internet for ideas, squished them all together and came up with this. It is 14" square at the base and about four feet tall. My plans consisted of a...
  11. Gnomes for the flower garden

    The Summer 2014 issue of Scroll Sawing magazine has a cute pattern for 2 different gnome yard ornaments. My sister is an avid flower gardener, and she has a lot of yard ornaments already. I thought the gnomes would be an interesting addition to her gardens. They are made from pressure treated...
  12. Gnome was busy getting ready for winter

    Remember the Gnome door I built a while back? Well over the summer one moved in and made himself to home (yes, he's a lonely bachelor). I heard some activity out there today and the wife discovered that he had a fireplace chimney installed, has a bundle of chopped firewood and a snow shovel on...
  13. Gnome Hat Birdhouse

    Well, this is a birdhouse I had a lot of fun building today with my oldest son. The house is made of rough sawn cherry, live-edge black walnut and pine. We cut the body of the house from the cherry, assembled it with Titebond III and brads. Screwed on the base and brad nailed on the pine roof...
  14. Gnome House

    My "Gnome" phase continues. This little house is made from oak for the front, back and sides of the house and chimney, pine for the roof and cherry for the base. I used water-based stain and latex paint for the finishes. Maybe I'll grow out of this soon. Thanks for looking.
  15. Gnome chainsaw carving

    This is my first attempt at chainsaw carving. Started out as a beetlekill pine log, and taken apart with a mixture of Husqvarna and Makita, finished with colonial brown stain and clear coat
  16. Netsuke "Gnom"

    Material: Boxwood and pear wood Measurements: netsuke 1.73"(4,4cm) stand 2.17"(5.5cm) diameter
  17. Country Gnome Door

    Aug 2, 2008 Today I got a big surprise!! in between rains, I went out to my gazebo and saw that the gnomes had been busy and made their own entrance to the building!!! Yes, I have a gnome door at my gazebo. The wall seems to be made from a piece of old barn board. The door appears to have...
  18. Fairy Door: Rustic

    Aug 03, 2008 Yesterday - I found a Gnome Door on my gazebo and today a Fairy Door showed up in my living room! Holy moly I'm being over run with the little creatures! The Wood It seems they used a piece of poplar (probably left over from one of our other projects). They carved out the panel...
  19. Fairie Door #2: Zen

    Aug 3, 2008 At it again!! This time, the fairies are a little more sophisticated and have created a "zen" doorway to their .. gee.. what does lie behind these doors??? Wood Door: Pine; half stained; half natural Frame: Pressed wood from an old cabinet Door Handle: "belt" hook Hinges: staples
  20. Gnomes

    This is Old Gnome and Gnu Gnome. Old Gnome stands 3 inches tall. Both are basswood with acrylic paint. Claude
1-20 of 30 Results