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  1. Greene and Greene Motawi Tile Frame

    We visited the Gamble House in Pasadena. As a woodworker, I was so moved by the craftsmanship that when my girlfriend showed me the Motawi tiles she really liked, I told her I would make a commemorative frame for them in the Greene and Greene style. It was extremely difficult for such a small...
  2. New Saw Handle

    So this was my first saw. I really didn't like the handle, and after ripping the first leg for my cabinet I was less than enchanted with the blade. I resharpened the blade but still didn't like the handle. After scouring the web / YouTube, I decided to update the saw with my own handle...
  3. More uses from my Bessey assembly blocks

    To maximize my Bessey assembly blocks, I cut hardwood strips so they would slip into the upper grooves, up to the top of the blocks. I also made a bracket to hang them from, on the wall french cleats cut at 45°. As shown, they are useful when crosscuting with my portable circular saw without...
  4. will the real Wizzardofwood please stand up

    This was carved by me at age 11 it has long since inspired me to move on to better things but it is also my company LOGO and the real wizzardofwood
  5. curly maple +hardwood Knife Scales

    Only made the handles- but check out these chef knife xmas gifts. video below :)
  6. Plane Cabinet

    Greetings, I've got so much of my cut off that I ended up gluing them up to make a bigger board. I spent over 1 week doing that. I still have boxes of cut offs. I wanted something different in the way of just a raised panel in the door, I made a fixture to hold the board at an angle while I...
  7. Garden Arbor

    Just a quick Sunday afternoon project. Made from cedar and finished with spray-on poly. It will fit over a small garden statue and allow a couple of small vines to grow on it.
  8. Father/son walnut knife scales with mosaic pin

    Second video making the scales for a father/son knife with a custom mosaic pin and walnut from their family farm: (First video here: )
  9. Side Table Xmas present for mom

    My mom saw this table in a catalog and said she wanted to get it …i said no let me build it for you . So i made her this table for christmas. Its made with solid red oak . The drawers are made with pine . All joints are mortise and tenon .the dowels are walnut and so is the pull for the slide...
  10. First Routed Sign

    This is a sign I did for my sister's house. It was the first routed sign I've made. For the details, you can see my website here. Briefly, I created the sign in Sketchup and printed it out "full size". I taped carbon paper to the back of the pages and taped them to the sign blank I made. I...
  11. Oblique bonding of cracks

    How I glue cracked wood. Video. Sorry, no English version.
  12. Gluing odd shapes

    Nothing new or earth shattering here, but I thought it might be helpful. I needed to glue the two halves of a door harp frame together. The top of the frame wasn't clampable. I thought about gluing on a couple of pieces so a clamp would work, but then remembered some old inner tubes I had from...
  13. Tiny Push Block

    The smallest push block I have ever created. Made from cell cast acrylic (Chemcast) with a silicone drawer liner glued to the bottom and an acrylic drawer handle welded to the top (using WeldOn/SciGrip #3 solvent). This helps me route super small objects on the router table. NOTE: Clear...
  14. Knife Block

    I had a few free moments in the garage this weekend, so I made my first real project. (Real actually means finished) I saw this idea on Woodworkers' Journal's newsletter I believe. There is a short video on how he makes this. I actually impressed myself on how this project came out. The woods...
  15. Cedar Gate Handle

    Recently built a new cedar gate & needed handles. Got some inspiration from CaptainAhab's handles. A litte laminating, planing, dado-ing, bandsawing, drilling, and sanding, and this is what I ended up with. I did a quick blog here Thanks for looking!
  16. reception

    made on an individual project.
  17. China Cabinet

    A few years ago, my wife asked me for a curio cabinet for her tea cup collection. A week before Christmas I asked her to come out in the shop and see what I had made. She shook her head and said "Curio cabinet, not china cabinet!". Needless to say, I also had the curio cabinet done by Christmas...
  18. Funky Wine Rack - Mahogany

    I made this wine rack out of Mahogany for my nieces wedding at the end of February 2015. I saw a picture on pinterest of a similar one and thought I would try to recreate it from the picture. OK.. I made lots of mistakes.. lots. but I think it turned out well and I like the way it looks. The...
  19. Natural Sculpture

    I cannot take all the credit for this one, nature did a lot of the work on this. This came from a root ball next to a frozen creek that is only accessible during the winter months. A lot of what I do in woodworking is just to try and bring out the woods natural beauty and bring it inside and...
1-20 of 92 Results