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  1. Bed Frame Refinish

    Ok, so this is my first project on here, and being the college student that I am, I don't have enough money right now for any camera other than my phone. So, I hope you can see the difference well enough to appreciate this project. From the pictures you can see that I have taken the white wash...
  2. High Gloss Contempo Murphy bed | Custom

    This is my Contempo Murphy bed in a custom matched cherry finish. We added 24" bookcase with 3 drawers in each. The finish is a little different then I normally do. This customer wanted a higher gloss. Normally I put a medium sheen on my furniture. This was built using maple wood in the...
  3. Family sign

    Built this for a friend of mine who gave it as a wedding gift. Everything was route red by hand, took about an hour.
  4. Modern Wall Clock - first veneering project

    Three goals for this project: 1. Replace a clock that had gone bad. 2. Fill a large wall with something that was "catchy". 3. Practice veneering for the first time. My wife had bought me some lacewood veneer from Woodcraft two Christmas' ago. She hadn't asked about it, but I knew the...
  5. Mission Style Night Stand

    Night stand made from Red Oak. Stained with General finishes Antique Cherry. Top coat of wipe on poly.
  6. two small Koa boxes

    Here are two small Koa boxes I have just finished. They are approximately 8" x 3" x 3". Due to the increasing rarity and difficulty of obtaining Koa, and my belief that it is one of the most beautiful of all woods, I am experimenting with small boxes done in 1/4" stock. The grain pattern is...
  7. Prestige Design: Pallet Bed Design (built with only pallet wood)

    Prestige Designs: I had a new client as me if i design beds… he wanted it queen size, contemporary/modern, and sets the tone when someone steps in the room. I told him "no problem give me a week." So Here it is… and 8'6" x 7' Pallet Bed Frame. Sanded, Oiled, and glossed… Once i build it i do...
  8. Chinese Checker Board

    I made a Chinese Checker Board that can hang on the wall while storing marbles in the board. It's made of Maple and Redheart. Check out the YouTube video if you want to see how I did it… I also provided a drill template for anyone that wants to make one themselves...
  9. Spalted Maple Pen

    I like this particular brand of spalted maple. I have a large block of it, so that's good.
  10. Display case

    A display case/going away gift for a a unit at Keesler AFB. They wanted something different. The mirrored back was a last minute modification. I think it really adds to the overall appearance. Their motto is "With pride, worldwide", hence the globe and they do electronics installation so the...
  11. Ordnance Wings

    "Ordie" wings I was asked to do for a fellow Marine. I thought i could join everything easy in my head, but then realized that the curved angles were very hard to cut with a biscuit joiner…
  12. Griffin Plaque

    Griffin tube plaque I made for my Major that was leaving.
  13. Humidor

    This is my first project using veneer and a high gloss finish. The first new concept worked out well, the second (lacquer finish) was a challenge. I used the plans from the guild build. Great video series! Really made the construction straightforward. The veneer is a walnut...
  14. Eagles wood beer pong table with LED lights and ball washer

    Check out to see a full list of our products.
  15. Finishing
    I've often heard (and practiced) that when building up a polyurethane finish, one should do the build up layers in gloss (higher solid content and less fog from the silica used to dull the gloss to create semi-gloss or satin) and then switch to satin for your last coat (if you want a satin...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    Hello my friends. How are you? I restored a antique telephone made with bronze or brass. And now i want to craft a wood base for the phone, but i dont know how is the correct wood that combine with high gloss of polished brass. I think in 2 diferents woods, dark and light Dark, like mahogany...
  17. Blogs
    Turning a very old rusted bench into a patriotic showpiece I picked this bench up off Craigslist for $10 wood was to far gone to save. Plan is to sandblast ends repaint them silver and do an American flag themed bench.
  18. Blogs
    Grasshopper Pull Toy Back in May our daughter came to visit with us for a few days. We like to work together in the shop so that is what we did. We each knew a young child that we wanted to make a toy for, so I inquired here about good toy books. I bought a couple of them and we made these...
1-20 of 25 Results