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  1. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadowbox I made for a retiring Master Sergeant.
  2. Earth globe - Globo terráqueo

    Small earth globe 1-1/4'' diameter, to be used as a keychain. The wood is hickory (pecan). I made the sphere in the lathe and then I drew the continents based on images from different angles of the Earth. Pyrography on the edges and then the interior of the continents with my home pyro (12 volt...
  3. Eagle, Globe and Anchor display

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor display I built for a retiring Marine.
  4. Hybrid Globe Anniversary Gift

    This is my 2nd hybrid sphere, my wife loves these things and I thought that she always said that they remind her of a planet. so I thought I would make her one in the style of a globe for our 22nd wedding anniversary. The inscription reads "You mean the world to me". The wood in the sphere is...
  5. USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC EGA for a retiring Marine. All individual pieces cut out, routered, sanded, and glued back together. Made mostly of pine with some walnut for the anchor tips and ring.
  6. Bomb plaque (2)

    Bomb plaque I made for a marine who was getting out. She wanted a pin up on it, and she had red hair herself so I figured Jessica rabbit would be nice. Everything is done with a mini router. No stencils, I just draw everything on and blast some music and get lost until I'm done. I had to draw on...
  7. Earth Sculpture

    This was a pretty epic piece of work. :-) I came up with the image for it by hand.. lots of fussing around in Photoshop. Converted it into a 3d model based on the relief pattern and then spent way too much time in VisualMILL getting everything working "just right". Felt like it took almost as...
  8. Marine EGA Shadowbox

    Just Finished! This is a Marine EGA Symbol Shadowbox I was asked to build. It's solid Mahogany except for the eye and toes of the Eagle which are Walnut. The Eagle is done in the Intarsia Art form I enjoy doing! I used a real piece of rope thinking it would accentuate this project. I felt...
  9. Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor that I built for a Marine. Very happy with the way that it turned out.
  10. Live Oak hollow form

    I turned this hollow vessel from a piece of Live Oak that was cut down due to safety issues. I had intended to make this bigger but there were bad and punky spots on it and it ended up to be approximately a 6" globe. The wood that still looks un-dyed around the hole was treated with thin CA glue...
  11. Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadow box

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadow box that I was commissioned to build.
  12. Blogs
    Master Pilot Wings Shadowbox A new request came to me from a member of the Pentagon to build a retirement shadowbox from the image of the Master Pilot functional badge. So here goes…
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    How long does it take the mineral oil to soak the board? Once the oil has soaked into the board how do you get the board "dry" that is so that the oil does not come off on whatever you will be cutting on the board? Last question. How do I convince my wife to actually use the board as a cutting...
  14. Wood & Lumber
    My girlfriend and I are making a dishware set, bowls, plates, cups. We are turning this on the lathe and I wanted to know about the best sort of wood to use that can stand getting wet and dry repeatedly and not crack too soon. Any suggestions? ~edit~ Let me clarify. I only instead to hand wash...
1-14 of 14 Results