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  1. One CRAZY BOWL and two on FIRE

    I had actually set out to make a different design, however I was not sure how to accomplish it, this is totally different from what was in my foggy head. One problem the size of the piece of wood was not the right size I think. needed to be a smaller log. NEXT TIME, you just wait. I WILL DO...
  2. Wood gloat, urban style.

    Yeah, that's about all the free wood I can get here in Paris. But I have plans for this pallet. The big thing is that it was still covered with plastic, so the slats are perfectly clean! Not good for a stacked bandsaw box but good for a cabinet. Off to sanding, TTYL.
  3. Rustic Bull Horn Cabinet

    Built out of Pine and the drawer fronts are old, grey, recycled material with long horn steer drawer pulls. Taking to the little town of Sisters, OR to sell in a store….RODEO season! Not sure how much to sell it for though? Hmm?
  4. Driftwood eagle

    Thais is a piece that ive been planing for the last few years, saving pieces to create the perfect movement. Ive been obsessed with it for a couple months and the energy is released. Take care LJ's Jeffro
  5. Toy Tote

    My little guy is a hoarder when it comes to cars. He wants to carry as many as he can everywhere he goes. The problem is he is carrying them around in gift bags that hold way more than he can carry and they end up ripping and spilling everywhere. So in an effort to make something nice for him...
  6. second segmented bowl

    My second segmented bowl it is a double fishhook design made of Maple walnut and cherry.
  7. Cribbage board table

    This is one of two tables that my wifeys boss asked me to make for him. Its been in progress for quite some thyme….almost 6months. The joys of a hobby. It is made of mahogany and cypress. I turned the pegs myself which is why they are not all the same height. Not too bad considering I kept...
  8. Spalted Maple Chalice

    This classically shaped chalice is made from a maple tree downed by a lightning strike in Daytona Beach, FL. The wood was heavily spalted, insect ridden and in certain places, beautiful. This bowl was the third attempt to produce this shape from the maple logs. The first two had too many issues...
  9. Project with wood flowers

    Once you are addicted to making flowers, there are a lot of ways to display them. This was a thought for a Mother's Day gift for Mum who is working in an office or for her desk at home. Forget to mention the branch is from a dead cherry tree and the base is a piece of English Elm burl.
  10. Closet Organizer

    Before I remodeled my master bedroom my wife kept complaining about not having enough dresser space, so rather than going and buying another dresser I went to Ikea and bought a rack to hang pants and the lighter colored organizer drawer as well ($25 total for the hanger and drawer), the rest is...
  11. Door Transition Strips

    If you take a look at the price of transition strips you will want to find a way to make your own, I guarantee it. So that is exactly what I did for my uncle, he had just bought a new house (new to him that is) and put down some new flooring and we needed strips to go in the doorways. There was...
  12. Small ash bowl

    A small bowl from ash.
  13. Xylophone

    For my granddaughter, the keys are ipe and the box is poplar. I rested the keys on a strip of that grip mat used as shelf liners, it gave a better ring than wood on wood. I used hemp thread up through the key into a bead and down again. It allowed more float giving more ring.
  14. Gnome

    Garden Gnome for Christmas, I hope the Garden gnome liberationists leave this one alone.
  15. Small bench from reclaimed wood

    I took on woodworking as a hobby some months ago after being inspired by Paul Sellers' videos. This is my first completed project : just a small bench made from wood taken from an old tv stand that I got for free but didn't like. I'm quite happy I managed to do everything by hand for this ! Only...
  16. Total Service Reward

    Created this coin holder for a well deserved veteran; my father-in-law. He served this country in both military branches and I am thankful or his service. Made it out of cherry with Cabernet stain and tung oil.
  17. Cameo Pendant

    Thought I would take this opportunity to do a tribute to my Mother. The pendant measures 1 3/4" x 2 1/2×1/4". Woods are Rosewood, Kingwood, Bloodwood, Canary and Basswood. I designed the pendant then traced a picture of my mother for the profile. My original drawing was 4" high. I then...
  18. Custom bullnose bar

    Custom 8' bullnose pine bar top. Dark stain wiith the brackets underneath painted black
  19. Free Cedar...

    Well, almost free. Here's what I got from a buddy's dad this weekend while back in Arkansas. Seven cedar logs anywhere from 10 to 16 feet long and 6 to 14 inches in diameter. I also have a couple smaller five foot sections not shown in the picture. All for the price of two cases of...
  20. Hand Tools
    So I buy tools like everyday to every other day in my area. Mostly I get 5 to maybe 10 total tools on a pick. Yesterday was an ABSOLUTE monster!!!! I actually had to stop stacking boxes because I wasn't going to be able to get the stuff home! I have an open invitation to go back to boot…...
1-20 of 64 Results