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  1. Frame

    Originally, this was a throw together frame for a chalk board. I used it as a menu at a farmers market. So it has been tossed around the back of a truck. Sent flying in heavy winds, more than once. Then one slow day I started in carving. I added the fir cap, top and bottom. Then glazed it...
  2. Bookcase / Hall Tree??

    This is a bookcase/hall tree for a clients home in the Rocky Mountains. It is entirely made of Alder and has a glazed finish. you can read more at John
  3. Blanket Chest

    My wife volunteered me to build a blanket chest for the schools charity gala event :blink: She said it had to look like the treasure chest from last year, but larger…. and the top had to be the same, but no shiny brass hardware this time and I had to put the nails in it again…. :blink: I asked...
  4. Radius leg end tables

    I made these tables for my cousin, she needed tables and I needed to practice radius cuts. I made these out of old poplar from a pallet and 3/4 ply with bondo on the edge. I cut the legs with a scrollsaw and a router table and I cut the ply with a router and a home made circle cutting jig. And I...
  5. a different tail to tell

    How many different ways do dovetails show up in woodworking? I was looking at Marks table and the dovetail spines in the top and thought of all the different things I've used that one joint for. This is as close as I've come to using dovetails on a drawer. It makes a nice slide. The legs are...
  6. Lesli's Kitchen

    I designed and built this kitchen for my family's new home that we built. In addition to General Contracting the home and many other construction type activities, I also did all of the wood work, trim, and cabinets for this house. As mostly a woodworking hobbyist, this was my first real...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi everyone, could any one tell me if Dayton 6Y002 band saw is a good choice for wood working, it has 1 HP 15 " wheel and 4 variable speeds for metal and wood cutting? Thank you
1-7 of 7 Results