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  1. Live edge cedar coffee table

    This is a live edge cedar coffee table I made. It has metal legs and is finished with glaze coat. I did find out the hard way that cedar is very porous and needed to be sealed prior to the glaze coating. My second attempt with glaze coat came out pretty good.
  2. Kitchen Counter Trim and Glaze Coat

    A few years ago, I experimented with tiling the top of our counter top. I used travertine, (which is a form of limestone), due to its resemblance to marble at a cost far less. Unfortunately, travertine is relatively soft and after a few years started to become pitted around the sink area. I...
  3. pallet wood epoxy top coffee table

    A table made from an old pallet, and covered in a gallon of famawood glaze coat. Rough cedar border and legs, Osb underside, and pine base frame. This thing is solid as a roxk and weighs about 50 lbs. Originaly built to sell, but the wife likes it too much lol
  4. Entry Cabinet & Shelf Unit

    This is an entry cabinet with adjustable shelves. The top also has a small built in try. The entire unit is made from plywood, pine and recycled pallet wood. The cabinet door and the top have pallet wood inlaid. The adjustable shelves are slotted so that shoes and other wet or dirty objects...
  5. Cedar Cooler Lid Revamped

    So a year or so after I built this I decided that I don't like the lid and a few friends collected about 600 bottle caps and I decided to use them on this revamp. I used Glaze Coat 2 part epoxy on this project and o have to say it's awesome but you have to be organised when working with it...
  6. Finishing
    I recently tried using glaze coat on a cedar live edge coffee table and had an issue with white areas popping up in the finish. Additionally wherever there was a slight crack in the wood, the glaze coat sank resulting in indentations in the finish. Does anyone know of a clear filler for the...
  7. Finishing
    Need some tips on a table top. I had glazed coated with 32 oz. of Famowood Glaze Coat. It wasn't enough to cover the area adequately. The instructions said do in small amounts if you are not a professional, so I followed this. I don't think that was sufficient because it turns out I should...
  8. Blogs
    The start of my outdoor bench. So I am finally getting started on making a few new pieces out of my small garage woodshop. Money has been tight and I haven't been able to get the wood I need to fiddle around with. I was given a load of rough milled lumber from a friend who is just...
1-8 of 8 Results