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  1. Drinking Glasses Box

    This was a box that a friend asked me to make for him. It was a gift to his wife for their anniversary, and was designed to hold some drinking glasses that were given to his wife at their wedding. The glasses were given to his grandparents as a wedding gift, and they passed them down to my...
  2. Beer paddle

    Here is a different twist on the beer paddle. Christina helped with he design inspiration. This is a beer and peanut paddle. It's a an 11 inch circle but I made it so two sides you can pick up. In one of the photos I took a picture that shows you a routed out handle underneath so you can pick...
  3. Wood Glasses

    I broke my glasses and was inspired to make them even better than before. They are made of black walnut maple mahogany and oak from wine barrel staves (this is the arm part) they fit great and are comfortable after a little steam bend to tweak them.
  4. Soeren Kirkegaard glasses (post)

    Soeren Kirkegaard glasses our distorted reality. Søren Kirkegaard: 'My View of life, is utterly meaningless. As I suppose an evil spirit has put a pair of glasses on my nose, whose one glass magnifies by a tremendous scale and whose other glass reduces by the same scale'. Made this drawing...
  5. High Powered Glasses from projection TV Lenses

    I was watching a cool movie (on DVD) called " The Name of the Rose ", with Sean Connery and Christian Slater. Ron Pearlman. He had a pair of thick lensed wooden folding glasses for reading and looking for clues. So I made a similar pair from lenses I salavaged from a big old projection TV...
  6. Cupcake Turntable

    My sister was having a baby shower and my wife asked me the day before to throw together something that could hold all the cupcakes she was baking. I didn't want to just use dowels and cut circles in plywood. I did you plywood for the discs, though I wish now I didn't. When I routed the ogee it...
  7. Display Cabinet

    One of several cherry/walnut trim cabinets I've done recently. Nothing fancy - frame/panel construction, shop made crown molding. No stain. Lacquer over tung oil.
  8. boxes

    new boxes
  9. Safety Glasses/Ear Defender Rack

    As some of you know from this thread on LJs I have a new job and I am trying to encourage the users of the machine shop to wear eye and ear protection. Anyway, to make it as easy as possible to pick up these items, I have made 2 of these racks, one for each side of the shop. It is simply some...
  10. Storage for Eyeglasses & Safety Glasses

    What can I say? It was fun and I was tired of searching for glasses [of all sorts], so I built a rack for them. I probably should have done something on one of the hundreds of projects waiting for my attention, but sometimes you just have to play.
  11. Where the @*#& are my glasses?

    Eye glass holder from Steve Good pattern. Quick project to practice w/ scroll saw, made w/ cutting board scraps of maple and walnut. Finished 3 coats of BLO.
  12. wooden glasses

    this is my latest project some wooden glasses two of them are wine glasses and 2 are champagne glasses. The wine glasses are made of black walnut and then the champagne glasses are curly maple. these were turned on the lathe I finished with Danish Oil & polyurethane on the walnut, lacquer on the...
  13. the nose

    Utilizing more scrap wood with Steve Goods design to hold glasses. Made w/ scraps laying around the shop. Scraps of maple, cherry, paduk, walnut. Tried various bases. Need to work on my photos, sorry for the bright orange background.
  14. Palm Box Eye Glass Holder

    Here is yet another Andy Palm Box. What an addicting, creative, simple and great looking design he has shared with us. I have seen many people make these boxes and use them for various purposes, and I found yet another use for this great box. I keep one at home and one at work where I keep my...
  15. "Are those wooden glasses?" (Mangkono wood)

    ~Yes, how COOL would it be to wear your favorite wood on your face 16 hours a day? I bought a new pair of glasses on October 3, 2011. On October 26, while putting on my safety goggles, I didn't realize I accidentally drop it on the floor. As soon as I stepped back, I broke the legs of my 23 day...
  16. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I wear glasses. I can probably get by well enough without them to do some woodworking…but I figure a slight lapse in judgement or depth perception might result in a dado across my hand or something worse. So, I wear them. Being a good little safety conscious person, I try to do the dust mask...
  18. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Ted, here. I guess I'm giving this guy a free promo, eh? Anyway, I tripped across his site this morning and just couldn't let it go without sharing it. Handmade wood eyeglass frames: Enjoy.
  19. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    (Existing threads on this topic seem to be several years old. So here's a new one.) My safety glasses are terribly scratched, to the point of being unusable. And when I wear a dust mask, the glasses fog terribly despite the mask's best attempt at redirecting my respiration downward. I do not...
  20. Blogs
    Soeren Kirkegaard glasses (blog) Soeren Kirkegaard glasses our distorted reality. I was digging deep into the Danish philosopher Søren Kirkegaard, some years back and there were one quote, that got me deep and stayed with me. Søren Kirkegaard: 'My View of life, is utterly meaningless. As I...
1-20 of 27 Results