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  1. The Three Graces Side Table

    I love art nouveau and decided to try another "artsy" piece, just for the fun of it. AKA "spec" work. Legs are curly maple that has been ebonized and colored with india ink and red dye. the ball is Calcite and the little balls holding up the glass are just glass marbles. This is actually not a...
  2. Glass Top Dining Table

    I've made a few different window boxes and thought it would be cool to expand on the ideal since we needed a dining room table. With the proper decor inside it can be a pretty formal table but for us it's a table for the family. I gave each of the kids a place to sit and they can decorate...
  3. Backlit Gun Box

    This is a gun box that I made for my father for Christmas, using black walnut and maple, with a spray lacquer finish. I did the maple splines in the corners for some unique detail. The gun sits on little posts and raised up from the bottom to give it the effect of floating along back lighting. I...
  4. Contemporary Table

    This is normally not the style of furniture I build but I decided to take on a different kind of challenge. An interior designer brought this design to me and asked if I would build this for her client. Lots of Festool domino work in this build along with several hours on Sketchup. I would...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Good morning, guys/ladies. I have a Enlon floor model drillpress and am wondering do any of you know if any after market mortising attachment would work with this tool? If so which one and how good are they? Thanks for any input.
  6. Joinery
    I'm getting ready to build a shadow box coffee table for my wife. It will be similar, but not exactly like this one:{%22ImageId%22%3A5617259} I'm struggling with what the best way is to do the corners. Also whether to put the glass in the...
1-6 of 6 Results