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  1. Gilding on a wooden carved frame

    A year ago one of our clients sponsored our business Antique Refinishers in San Diego to sent me to learn gilding. Coming back form Portland, Oregon where I learn with Nancy Thorn I started on a restoration on a frame from our client. The mirror had been "restored" with gold paint over the...
  2. Weather Station

    This is a gift for a retiring friend who will be leaving Tennessee for the Gulf coast. The timber is padauk with gilded edges and letters. This is my first project with hand carved lettering.
  3. The transformation has begun!

    Here it is the final transformation to the golden and silvered surface has begun :) Will take a few weeks to complete the process. Will post the final result in May I think.
  4. Lettering (carved & gilded)

    This is a small board 350×200 mm with two names carved and oil gilded, silvered. The finish polyurethane laquer as it gona be hung outside. The project needed to be made fast so I did not really pay a lot of attention to it, as you can see the carving is not perfect, but still it went fine and...
  5. Cherrywood Oil Lamp

    I took a lump of cherry, and got started, and the shape just sort of happened. It seemed to say "oil lamp" and that's what it became. I used black and red dyes on the exterior, and decided to gild the interior to enhance the lamp effect.
  6. The top is done!

    Hi all, finally the top is done. I won't say much about the process as you all know it already :) Here is the final look of it. It did take me a bit longer as I expected but never mind. So enjoy.
  7. Cherry and Gold Hollow Form

    Simple cherry hollow form with gold leaf gilding. Measures about 7" in diameter and 3" tall. Finished with gloss wipe on poly. Turned and hollowed completely with Easy Wood Tools . I'm hoping the cherry will darken and create a greater contrast between the wood and the gilding.
  8. Vase

    Not really sure what name to give this. Anyway just finished this vase which stands 9" tall the bottom is maple and covered with chemically treated brass sheets and the top I believe is Laburnum. It did start out as being a vase but I had ideas for different decoration then I got the brass...
  9. Fire Bowl

    This is a closed form bowl turned from poplar, layered with primer, Japan paint, copper and silver gilding and then patinated with various chemicals.
  10. Final element

    Hi every one :) After four years hating, struggling, loving, working, making mistakes, making progress, getting upset and feeling happy I have come to the final part of this project. The size of it is 1 miter by 1,6 m. All work is the same white will become black and black will be the polished...
  11. The One That (Almost) Got Away

    This piece was created for a marquetry contest. The topic was "The Koi Pond", a somewhat unusual one. When considering entering the contest, I thought what could be better than to go straight to the source for some ideas for a design. So, I scoured the Internet for Japanese Koi, and quickly...
  12. Communion Chalice (Cup) and Paten (Plate)

    This was a commissioned project, so it has been sold. If you would like something similar, please email me at: [email protected] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Project Story: This Communion Chalice and Paten are built in Mahogany, with...
  13. Burl Walnut Humidor With Patinated Copper and Gold Leaf

    The humidor was made as one rabbetted case piece, with the lid being sawn free after glue-up. I veneered the Spanish Cedar core with Burl Walnut, and then added copper and gold leaf accents over American Vermillion Japan Paint, which were patinated with various chemicals. The patina on the...
  14. Cat hunting imaginary creature

    The model was one of our cats attempting to capture an imaginary creature. Just the grainy pattern in a stone I was preparing. Laminated cedar.
  15. Chess Board & Custom Pieces

    Board is made of thick shop sawn curly Maple and Zircote veneers. Pieces are turned and carved from maple and dyed European Beech. Pediment board and Kings, Queens, and Bishops embellished with 23k gold gilding.
  16. On Golden Feet

    After long silence and too many unfinished projects, I've finally managed to wrap up a few to post. I'm starting off with one of my favorites so far. It's been sitting around for ages and really just needed another layer of metal leaf to go over the parts that had oxidized in all that time. On...
  17. Edinburgh elm burr gilded cigar ashtray

    Unusual project. Looks simple and easy. Well…. yea probably. Solid elm burr carved, filed, scraped, sanded and gilded. Here it is a great rest for your favourite cigar. Enjoy!
  18. Wooden Jointer plane restoration

    Hey, I need a jointer and came across this one at and antique shop for $15. It took some work just to get the blade out. I wonder how long it had been in there? There were some worm hole that i found so i put it in a plastic bag and in the deep freezer for a couple days. Then i notice all the...
  19. Growth chart #6 Game of thrones themed

    Another growth chart I made for one of my co-workers who was a HUGE game of thrones fan. Ruler was made out of ribbon striped sapele, inlaid a paduak plaque into the board and transferred ink with a quote that he picked out from game of thrones (never actually watched it myself), I guess in...
  20. Lidded Box with a Betel Nut knob

    In a forum I started about using vegetable nut as fake ivory I mentioned that I had used Betel nut for knobs. Here are some photos of a lidded box I created in David Marks "Vessel Turning with Gilding & Patination" class I took last year. Yeah, I take a lot of classes. I take about 3 to 4 wood...
1-20 of 31 Results