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  1. Gemstone Box #112

    This box is the second of the series. Hopefully many more to come. The tile is tiger eye, black onyx and picture jasper. The primary wood is mesquite. Beautiful to work with. I used eucalyptus to back tile so it'll show on the inside of the lid. The pegs are bamboo and the lid is hinged with...
  2. Purple heart ring with sodalite inlay

    Good old purple heart that blunts your chisels. I've been meaning to do more inlays and found some sodalite that I crushed and used for this. Particularly dark purple heart, this one.
  3. Toy box

    I did not take any pictures during the process, silly me. The base or bottom is a 1 inch thick plywood with a veneer on the side facing up. Free turning wheels with locking mechanism are mounted to the four corners. Most of the slats are beech with some being maple when I ran short. I used a...
  4. Ringing in Father's Day

    Shirts and ties are nice. Nah, ties aint nice. You wear em for work or funerals. So I made myself a fathers day gift on this rainy fathers day. Cut from American ebony I added a small star ruby i got on ebay and its ready to go. Never set foot into a jewelry store lol. Too bad using a flash...
  5. Box #111

    This box is a prototype of many more to come. A friend of ours, a rock nut, came across a bunch of tile samples with genuine gemstone intarsia patterns. He also had the mesquite wood and asked if there was anything I could do with it all. This is the result. As stated, the primary wood is...
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi all - first off, thanks to the whole community. Trolling on here, i've learned a lot. I've been struggling with picking the best glue for a wood ring with a gemstone (polished pink tourmaline) in it. I've made a few walnut rings for my lovely lady, used my dremel to recess a spot so that a...
1-7 of 7 Results