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  1. 22 foot diameter Park gazebo

    I am spending the Summer of 2017 upgrading our local city park. I donate my labor, and either a local non-profit or the City pays for the materials cost. I wanted a showcase item for the park, and decided to make it a 22 foot diameter Victorian style gazebo. It took me 3 attempts to finally...
  2. New open style deck

    This is a commissioned project that started late in the year 2010 and finished in January. In an effort to give an updated outdoor space for their new pool with out crowding an already small back yard space. I wish I could add more pics so you could see the old deck. It was elevated to the...
  3. Timber Frame Style Garden Pavilion

    In September I finished a new timber frame style pavilion in the garden. Some might call it a gazebo…not sure the difference. Like my woodshed I built earlier, I call it a "timber frame style" as I use metal fasteners and it's not built using traditional timber frame methods. My wife liked the...
  4. Three Gable Timber Frame Pavilion

    I recently finished a new timber frame style pavilion in my friends backyard. It was built from rough sawn, full dimension Douglas Fir from a local mill. He wanted an open outdoor structure built on his deck to shield them from the sun. He liked the idea of three gables with the east most gable...

    GAZEBO DOORS….. (2) 24×70 in. 5/4 clear cedar doors and trim with brass hardware.The panels are 1×6 t&g.The rails and stiles are pegged, 1 1/2 in. tenons (6 per door ).
  6. bentwood gazebo

    This was made from down tree's from our property. I enjoy being creative and with the help of my husband this ideal was born. The Gazebo has 8 stain glass windows and vintage and antique items we found at auctions, estates and garage sales
  7. Baby Gift

    Our good friends and neighbors are about to have a baby girl! I thought I would make a little gift for their new addition. This gift will most likely not get used for a spell so I guess will be plenty of time for the paint to dry! LOL! Ok you guys you can make fun of me for posting a painted...
  8. gazebo or pergola or trellis... I dont know what to call it!!! and a hand-rail.

    a redwood structure I just finished a few weeks ago. i need to upgrade my work camera, the dates are wrong.
  9. Finished Gazebo and Deck

    This gazebo stands over a hot tub. The roof was fabricated at our facility (remember one of our previous projects?) and trucked over to the customers home where it was later installed. Hope you like it! Thanks for looking.
  10. Above Ground Pool Gazebo

    Lumber Jocks and Guests, Here is an Above ground pool gazebo I made to keep the leaves and bugs out of our pool as well as make the pool safe for children and dog in the back yard. Hope you like it. Woody
  11. King Maple and the Lumberjock's of the round Table

    I built this for a playroom in a daycare. They had other's but one broke and they asked me to built a replacement. Built out of Hard Maple which half the boards I got were figured, all mortise and tennon joinery, and finished with Minwax semi gloss poly. The diameter is 3' and is about 2'...
  12. A Geeseebo for my MIL

    This is a small Geesebo that I made for my Mother-In-Law. She has three concrete Geese that were on her porch. But people couldn't see them, so I built her a Geesebo for them. It comes apart into 3 pieces. The base splits the body in 2, and the top comes off. It's all made with...
  13. Gazebo, & Deck. My Summer Awards Entry

    _*I didn't have the time to build anything new for this contest, because of Barb's recent illness. It has interfered with shop time. During her recovery, I'm now the chief cook, & bottle washer. ;) Martin said we could enter something old. How about 25 years old? This project was done in two...
  14. Spa Gazebo

    Done on the cheap and in a hurry (to make the most of the Irish summer!)Used 2 inch alkathene pipe for the curves and greenhouse plastic for the roof.The roof and wall sections were made independently and srcewed together.Looked a treat when the sweet peas reached full height.
  15. Gazebo Styled Bird Feeder

    After entering our Gazeobo, & Deck, I neglected the birdfeeder, so I thought I'd better enter it. It's made of leftover OSB board from the main gazebo. You may notice I made it two story, so the different species of birds don't have to fight as much.
  16. pergola

    Everything is prefabricated in the workshop, here I used merinty solid wood and stained dark mahogany.
  17. Mother-in-Laws Bird feeder or Lumber Jocks: The New Wave Of Family Communication.

    While I was in Kansas City, I stayed at my mother-in-laws home, and I noticed a couple of my early projects, when i was getting back into woodworking after a few years. Project 2: A bird feeder. Made approx 10 years ago. I made 4 of these and I don't know the status of any of the others. I...
  18. gazebo from cedar

    this gazebo i builded from scrach, made all from zero, all architectural, ingeniring and design was make by me.
  19. Timber Framed Trelisses

    We custom cut, fabricated and installed this timber frame treliss. We fabricate this and other timber framed structures in our shop and sawmill where we cut and sell various types of custom hardwoods. From slabs, mantles, boards, beams and more! As far as the treliss that you see in the...
  20. Gazebo Renovation

    When my parents moved to a new house in Cleveland part of our land had someone's old gazebo on it. It was still in okay shape but still needed quite a bit of work. We slowly work on it, trying to make it last many more years. So far we have replaced all of the flooring and subflooring. We still...
1-20 of 28 Results