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  1. Projects GAVEL

    American walnut turned gavel (judge hummer). Head 55x90mm, handle 25x250mm, base 120mm diameter, finish wood oil. It will be used in one auction car selling company.
  2. Gavel for WV Senate President

    New gavel for the new West Virginia Senate President. 5 pieces of white oak, 2 pieces of cherry, and 2 pieces of walnut glued into blank. Single piece of walnut for handle. Handle is approx 12 inches long, head is almost 5 inches long and 2-3/4 inches diameter. Sounding block base is mahogany...
  3. Angela's Gavel

    A friend of mine's wife was in her last semester at law school when I tried to make a mortar and pestle. I had a started to turn the mortar when I realized that it had some worm damage. not wanting to throw out the beautifully spalted piece, I decided to make a gavel.
  4. Gavel Box and Base

    This is a Gavel, Gavel Box and Gavel Base for the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada for use in their meeting chambers The Base is made from Canadian Maple. I used my laser engraver to cut an inlay pocket for the map of Canada and then had it cut the provinces and territories...
  5. Maple gavel

    Was playing around in the shop and came up with this decent looking gavel.
  6. Gavel

    I made this gavel for my boss. He was using a cheep little thing in one of our meetings and it wasn't working. He asked me if I could make him a bigger one. I dug all of the wood out of my scrap box. The gavel head is maple and walnut. I don't know what the handle wood is. I found it laying in...
  7. First Turned Project Since 1968

    This is my first turned project since 1968. I was an Industrial Arts major at North Texas State University in 1968. I turned a milking stool out of Mansonia (a wood that no longer seems to be available). Still have it, finish was lacquer and is long gone, the handle has disappeared and all...
  8. Two Silver Maple Gavels

    These two are made from some silver maple limbs that were in my firewood pile. I turned a lot better than I thought it would. Almost too easy… The one with the larger head has some large worm eaten places. These were turned as spindles on my HF lathe. I used epoxy to attach the handles.
  9. Two oak gavels, one hickory

    The gavel on the left was made from some very old used oak lumber I had scrounged somewhere, not sure where.The handle has quite a bit of burl and some small knots in it. The center one was kind of hard to turn. The light streaks in it are all basically rotted wood. This was from an oak 4×4 I...
  10. First Woodturning Porjects

    This is my first shot at woodturning. Made a small mallet (or gavel), two bowls and a random turned piece of purpleheart. The small bowl is sycamore. The larger one is canary wood. The mallet handle is olivewood and the head is maple. Overall, really fun projects.
  11. Redbud and hackberry gavels

    These three little gavels are kind of special to me. I, and my wife, are members of the IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) Queen City Lodge #12, Springfield, MO. These gavels are made from wood cut on Lodge property. I will hang onto these to give to Lodge members when a special recognition...
  12. Three walnut gavels

    Here are the last three gavels I have to post, for now. These are probably the nicest I have done to date. All are laminated walnut. All of this walnut came from a flooring plant's kindling or scrap pile. I pass this plant each day after work. Sometimes I hit the jackpot. Most of the time it is...
  13. Gavel and striker

    Gavel and striker made on commission for a young lady graduating law school. Wood is more Indian Dontknow I use in most of my projects. Turned on my old Craftsman Tube lathe. Sanded to 320 grit, sealed with 2 pound shellac, then polished on the Beall system.
  14. Large Walnut Gavel and Sounding Block

    I turned this gavel out of walnut for the president of the local charity. Physically he is a big man and he wanted a large gavel and sounding block to make a statement. The gavel head is 2 ¾ inches in diameter and 5 inches long, the handle adds another 9 ¼ inches to make the total length 12...
  15. My first project

    This was my first project. I was trolling through LJ and found the idea. I figured it would quick and easy to make. A few mistakes, over did it some on the glue. She is not the prettiest thing, but she has already proven useful. I think I will try to polish her up a bit and see how it turns out.
  16. Gavel number 2. Better yes or no?

    I posted photos of my first turned project, a gavel, early last year. Here is gavel #2. The last photo is of gavel #1. I hope you can see some improvement. This head was more detailed. The handle has a better feel in the hand. I wish I had added two grooves to the handle to allow a firmer...
  17. West Virgina House of Delegates Gavel

    The West Virginia House of Delegates elected a new Speaker of the House on June 18th. ( I was asked to turn a new gavel for him. They spec'd 'solid walnut' no other woods like I have used in some gavels in the past. It is a large gavel, the handle...
  18. Another Gavel & Block (made for a friend)

    After me making the last Gavel & Block, that I did for a charity auction (raised £35, or about $55 US) I have had numerous requests to make others. This one is predominantly Oak, with the body of the Block being Marbled Mahogany. It's been made for an old friend of mine, who will be giving it...
  19. Senate President Gavel

    New fairly large gavel for the Senate President. Handle is 12 inches long. Head is Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Bubinga. Base is Mahogany and Walnut. Sounding Block is Mahogany and Maple, about 8 inches in diameter. Official Senate pin inlayed in base. All woods...
  20. Gavel for Masonic Worhipful Master

    An unusual request that turned out fun to make. Had a phone call from a friend. Said he is getting sworn in as the Worshipful Master at a local Masonic lodge. "Can you make a gavel that looks like a fireman's axe, with a striking plate that has a fireman's cross on it?" (He's a retired...
1-20 of 60 Results