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  1. iroko gates

    well I finally got my gates finished! There 2 and 1/4" thick , 14 ft wide and 4 ft high with galvanized conduit which I painted black, with the gates finished in sikkens light oak. thanks to all who helped me at lumberjocks
  2. Garden Gate

    We have a small deck between our shed and house and my wife wanted a nice gate between the lattice work railing. I came up with this little gate. The gate measures 54" H X 36" W X 1-1/2" D I used all pressure treated wood on this project. I used mortise and tendon joinery and the glued i used...
  3. Baby Gates

    Well, my little girl is 17 months now and running all over the place so we needed some baby gates to keep her at bay. Since I started woodworking right around the time she was born and because of the non-existence of railings in our house (and the L shape portion going into the English...
  4. Rose Arbour and Gates

    My wife, Avril decided that she would like to have a rose arbour, or pergola, across the gateway at the front of the house. When I protested that the gap was too wide for an unsupported frame, she replied, "You're supposed to be clever - find a solution!". I finally remembered a technique I...
  5. Lyptus and Cedar gates

    Hello All, I built these gates for my brothers vacation home on Maui. He lets me use it pretty much whenever I want so I figured I needed to show my appreciation. I really liked working with the Lyptus, easy to machine and a beautiful wood. Regards,
  6. Honey Do’s

    No marquetry here. These are a couple of Q&D pergolas that I built for my beloved's yard makeover project. The pergolas themselves are just pressure treated material but the gates are really nice yellow cedar. My shop still smells great. The sign is an old one that I carved for our previous gate...
  7. Driveway gates

    This was a pair of driveway gates. They swing just fine without the springloaded wheels that I bought for them. 3" thick, with 3/4" thick free floating boards. Solid backer board in the groove in the sides to allow the panels to expand and contract. I dried the boards in my shop for several...
  8. Dust Collection Blast Gates

    This summer's main project was to put dust collection in my garage shop. It shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but I built my own cyclone(s), one failed in the build phase, one after, and this was the 2nd set of blast gates as well, the first attempt failed. Things are up and running...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Does is make sense to build a accessorie table and fence for a benchtop motiser. Like my miter saw I think I want to have my Mortiser built into a bench table. The bench fence would meet the mortisers fence when in the full back position. Can anyone thing of some reason against this? Steve
  10. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    Upgrading and dual purposing…? Images found on google, Similar to my dust collection currently; My super dust deputy can detach from the 50g drum so I can use it on floor sanding jobs with a smaller drum and a shop vac. In the shop my grizzly dust collector acts as the exhaust filter. The...
  11. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    HI, I am looking for someone near Newton, NH to help me build a fence and two gates. I fired my old contractor, see the forum post custom gate by professional ???? in the woodworking skill share forum if you want to see why. I'm not getting into that here. The pictures and ideas I supplied are...
1-11 of 11 Results