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  1. Trestle Table

    This trestle table is now completed, finished. I may buff on some more furniture wax. It should be maintained like this every now and then. However, for now I am just waiting for December 25. That is when this granddaughter comes here with her mother to open gifts; and to eat. So I can...
  2. Rogowski Stool

    This is the first piece I felt that I really designed. I completed the design in 1978 working on ideas that I reverently stole from various sources. I still have the first prototype. It's doweled together and I've beat the living whoha out of it ever since I made it. I sit on it, use it as a...
  3. Collector's Case

    This Collector's Case was made out of walnut for a collector of pocket watches. These are side hung drawers except for the bottom piston fit one.
  4. China Cabinet

    The Northwest Woodworking Studio
  5. Ginkgo Leaf Inlay

    This yellowheart inlay I set into the doors of a mahogany sideboard project. I left it raised so I could carve it as well. The piece took about 300 hours to build. The inlay only 30 hours. But those hours sitting at the bench under a lamp working slowly and carefully to make and put this inlay...
  6. Cafe Chair

    We're building twelve of these cafe chairs for the Lumber to Legacy project. They will all be in white oak. The Northwest Woodworking Studio
  7. Blogs
    Milling 6/4 Rough Sawn Lumber Parts After several days of study and analysis, I decided I would make a trestle table for my granddaughter Torrence. It boiled down between this relatively small trestle table or a shaker style writing desk with two drawers under the table top. Each would be...
  8. Blogs
    Humility and Ignorance One of the lessons that every woodworking teacher must learn is humility. Being more knowledgeable than a new student doesn't mean that you're smarter [that's certain] or more skilled. It means simply that you've put in more time. You have made more mistakes and after...
  9. Blogs
    The Shape of Things How many ways are there to shape a leg? To follow a line down to solid earth or to take a sinuous climb up its curve. To have the grain follow the line with careful choice of material and to accentuate the flow. Or to give it the role of foundation, holder, rock. You are...
1-11 of 11 Results