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  1. Garden chair

    Based on FWW chair designed by the great Michael Fortune. Mahogany with walnut accents. Built with bent laminations. Finished with outdoor oil.
  2. Grandma Chair

    The hybrid chair…a little more dainty !!! Using a combination of templates from my regular Adult plan and the Grandpa plan, the Grandma Chair has the same 19" seat width as my standard chairs, but the height and comfort of the Grandpa Chair, which has become my best seller since it was...
  3. Basic 5 Ft. Garden Bench

    So I am not the greatest Photographer, funny it came out nice on my phone and it is so comfortable sitting to me. For the good and bad we wanted a nice bench for the fire ring. Thanks again to Steve Ramsey utube. But I made this 5 ft. and added more cross supports. The seat is 16 inch...
  4. Garden Chair

    Garden Chair plan was from Rockler which is a reprint of Michael Fortune's 2 part article in Fine Woodworking. The plan is rated as intermediate but I would probably disagree on that slightly. I have 40+ years of woodworking experience and a well equipped shop but I still had to buy a boatload...
  5. Blogs
    The Story & the Start Hey all. I have not blogged much in a while now, but now I have a project that I call Garden Chair. DW had this wooden chair given to her a few years ago. She loved the chair and used it out in the garden when she got a few spare moments to enjoy nature. Well after...
  6. Joinery
    I'm new here and working on a laminate "slab" (sort of Japanese style work surface is the intention). Has anybody here used (as in 5/8" or 3/4") dowels to join 2X lams? I am using 3/8" all-threads to pull my benchtop lams (center ripped 2 X 10 X 72) together for gluing (no clamps - el cheapo...
1-6 of 6 Results