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  1. Birdseye Maple Burl Turkey Call

    I got some maple burl from a friend and love turning it. Every piece has had some amazing figure and colors this is the latest I spun and these pics don't do it justice. This has two tone color, arched grain, rays, birds eye and chatoyance all in one little piece of wood. I love finding things...

    More Elk Antler Coyote Calls. I have refined the design a little and tried to make the mouth piece look like it grew right out of the antler. These are Bubinga and Cocobolo. I have burned my brand on to these, it can be seen on the shoulder of the call, it is a Bar Lazy U.
  3. Couple of New Turkey Calls

    Needed a couple of more calls for inventory. I did one from striped honey locust 3 /12" slate over glass and the other is mesquite burl 3" slate over glass. Both of these sound good.
  4. Friction Turkey Calls

    These are also known as pot calls. They are like turning a bowl only a bit more involved. When you make these you are building a musical instrument and all of the rules apply. Type of wood, type of sound board, playing surface, the striker used to play it, all are a factor in the sound. These...
  5. More Deer Calls

    It is that time of year so I have been getting some grunt tubes turned. These are all exotic woods, canarywood, Yucatan rosewood and dalmata. Each one is 5 way adjustable for sound and I turn a urethane bushing for the reed set to sit in and hold the halves together.
  6. Scratch Box Turkey Calls

    These are a type of miniature box call. I didn't show the paddle you use to make the sounds just the boxes. The first 2 are Eastern Red Cedar next is Black Walnut and the last 3 pictures are Flame Box Elder that has spalting in it. These are a great little project that can save some of your...
  7. Bocote Duck Call

    This is one of my first attempts at making a duck call. It's out of Bocote wood.
  8. Calls for Wood Trade

    I was on another site and someone wanted to do a trade this is what I am sending him. Two deer grunt tubes and one wood duck call. Elm and Osage Orange on the grunts and figured walnut on the woodie call.
  9. A Turkey Call of Sorts

    This started as a regular pot call. Then I left the wings on. Then I finished an extra ledge inside.Then I tossed it aside. Later I had another call that didn't turn out right and for some reason I took it and flipped it upside down and sat it on the first call Cool a lid. So I returned call...
  10. Roll Dem Bones

    Another short box turkey call. I wished some of it was a little cleaner but it isn't terrible. Took a few pics before I put the screw in so you could see it better. The body is spalted elm with a bocote band and walnut cap. The sides and top are quilted walnut with poplar and mystery wood...
  11. Birdseye Maple Burl/African Blackwood Goose Call

    I was posting this on another site and thought some of the duck and goose hunters here might like to see it. This one is going to North Dakota as a gift to someone that is relocating. Sorry for the poor pics I lost my camera the other day fishing and these are cell phone shots. I was lucky and...
  12. More Turkey Stuff

    Got to the lathe for a couple of hours yesterday to turn some calls and strikers. The first pic is an Eastern Red Cedar pot call with the first coat of lacquer. The next pic is a series of strikers L-R Eastern Red Cedar, Bocote, Walnut over Oak, Elm over Oak, Southern Cherry, Northern Cherry...
  13. 3 Ambrosia Maple Pot Calls

    I had someone order a call last week and I had three blanks so I turned them all at once. When I posted a pic to show the guy his call two other people bought the others. I did color matched strikers but forgot to get pics before I shipped them out. These are all glass over glass. I am really...
  14. Mineral Stained Poplar Short Box

    I found a piece of poplar in the drying shed and when I milled it found the mineral stain. I cut this pieces to be bookmatched all the way around. Sides, top and body all from the same piece of wood. Top and bottom match then the sides match. The color in the wood really doesn't show well plus...
  15. More Short Boxes

    More short box turkey calls. The first 5 are Eastern Red Cedar and the last two are Mineral Stained Poplar. I took one shot with different light so you could see some of the color and detail in that poplar regular lighting blew the colors out.
  16. Maple Burl Turkey Call #2

    This is the other half of the big leaf maple burl I bought. Finish is clear stain then 6 coats of Deft lacquer that is sanded to 12000 grit. The surfaces are copper over glass and it sounds great. probably the best sounding call I have made to date
  17. Testing a New Product

    I got a chance this week to turn something new. This is artificially "aged" Osage Orange that is made to look like it is mud cured green hedge. Mud cured takes years to cure, is hard to come by and is not cheap when you can get a good piece so I was excited to try this out. This is the first...
  18. Into the Flame

    I got a chance to use some premium flame box elder that came from a friend in Texas yesterday. It was cut to dimensions for another type of call but it wasn't dense enough for me to use for that so I cut it into parts for this short box turkey call. The sides and paddle (top) are book matched...
  19. Desert Hills

    This is another short box turkey call this time it is spalted flame box elder from here in middle Tennessee. I cut and milled the pieces from a log that is out in my yard and I dried in my solar kiln. This thing has produced blanks with amazing colors and patterns and this one didn't disappoint...

    Coyote call made from Elk antler and walnut. Finish is spray lacquer and CA. For those not familiar with these they make a sound like a crying baby. Waa waa waah.
1-20 of 50 Results