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  1. Butterfly keys make a kite-flying portrait

    Not sure about the wood species of the board (from a pallet). A sharp card scraper seems to work on soft wood, too.
  2. Cedar Gable Louver Vents

    These are a few of the different types of gable louvers that I make. I really enjoy making these as some of them can be challenging, with the compund miters and all. They are a vented screened back louver and made of cedar.
  3. Joinery
    I am going to be surface mounting two 4"x6" cedar timber decorative brackets on my 4/12 garage. They span roughly 14.5'. I put blocking above the soffits during construction and will use those as a fastening point to drive lags through the 4×6 beams to secure the brackets. I used "traditional"...
  4. Blogs
    First Look Here goes my brain again, off on some tangent. I have been thinking of building this box for a long time. I want to try to use veneer for some box building, but need some tricks to hide the veneered edge. So I chose a gable topped box with walnut corner treatment to hide the...
  5. Focus on the Workspace
    Hey All, I am in the middle of redesigning my shop. I'm drawing out the electric and studs, planning for insulation, etc. The shop will be heated and cooled. I'm writing this post in hopes to solve a potential condensation issue. The issue that I'm running into is the roof. I want a...
1-5 of 5 Results